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Career Development
Online Training:
The Impact of Microbial Contamination and Misidentified Cell Cultures on Research
- March 9, 2010 -
Electronic Delivery Implemented for ISPE Technical Documents
6th Annual
Biosimilars Conference

- March 2-4, 2010 -
Helping Translate Benchtop Discoveries Into Clinical Programs
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Downstream Factors That Will Continue
To Constrain Manufacturing Through 2013
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Numerous disease-relevant drug targets are integral membrane or membrane-associated proteins. Cellular membranes provide a critical context for topology and assembly of complex signaling networks – a context that is essential for biologically relevant activity and pharmacology. BlueSky's validated protein reagents are formulated in a patented composition using TDA 2.0™ which directs the assembly of functional complexes on a homogenous, soluble, nanometer-scale template, providing superior context and faithful biology. See the whole picture with SmartScreen™.

Pall now offers micro-scale fermentation and cell culture systems developed by MicroReactor Technologies. The Micro-24 can run up to 24 simultaneous experiments at 3 to 7 ml working volumes with independent control of gas supply, temperature and pH for each system. The systems are designed for easy setup and operation with presterilized, single-use reactor cassettes; and provide continuous monitoring, logging, and control of each reactor’s DO, temperature and pH. In mammalian cell culture (e.g. CHO, NS0), control of pH and temperature offers a superior scale-down model to that of T-flasks or micro-titer plates. MicroReactor software allows the Micro-24 to be programmed and monitored using a standard laptop or PC computer.
Aber Instruments provides online biomass solutions to the world's leading pharmaceutical companies for development and cGMP production. With the introduction of the FUTURA range, ABER offers an innovative line of products for online biomass measurement – the FUTURA is compact and lightweight and can be used with a wide selection of bioreactors, from conventional to disposable. For further information on the FUTURA range from ABER, visit their website at www.aberinstruments.com.
AlfaSIP™ is a fast and ready-to-use chemical disinfectant, sanitizer and virucide for industrial processing equipment such as bioreactors, centrifuges, ultrafiltration systems and chromatography systems. AlfaSIP can also disinfect process and utility piping or tubing, laboratory and clean room surfaces, tile floors, walls, ceilings, cold rooms, biosafety cabinets and incubators. AlfaSIP is a > 99% pure solution of chlorine dioxide (gas) in water (pH 6.9) that disinfects at ambient (room) temperature within 20 minutes, leaving no residue or film. For more information please visit www.AWST.com.
Responding to a growing need for compliant and cost-effective solutions for shipping temperature-sensitive biological samples and materials, BioStorage Technologies announced the launch of its new mobile biorepository – OSIRIS™ (Overland Sample Inventory Relocation and Intelligent Shipping). Equipped with sophisticated ultra-low freezer and refrigeration systems, the 52-foot, multi-temperature trailer is capable of transporting a multitude of cargo, including biomaterials such as plasma, blood and tissue samples. OSIRIS also has the capability of storing and transporting valuable active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and manufactured drug products.

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Provided by Suwan N. Jayasinghe, PhD, University College London, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

Description: Representative optical micrograph depicting primary smooth muscle cells post-treatment to cell electrospinning at a time point of three weeks (BioProcessing Journal, Fall 2007, Vol. 6/No. 3, pp 42-48).

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