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Thursday, November 9, 2017  |  Volume 9 / Number 23  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
ISBioTech 5th Fall Meeting
Liquid Handling Motiv 2
Career Development
Cell & Gene Therapy World
Immuno-Oncology Frontiers World
January 23–25, 2018
Miami, Florida USA
June 11–15, 2018
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
MSS 2018
8th Monolith Summer School and Symposium
June 15–20, 2018
Portorož, Slovenia
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Using the ICH Q8 Design Space for ICH Q12
Lifecycle Knowledge Management
By Mark F. Witcher, PhD, NNE
Products & Services
New Premium Scouting Tool to Revolutionise Open Innovation

IN-PART is launching a new, bespoke scouting service for R&D professionals called IN-PART: Discover. The new service will revolutionise open innovation by providing companies with novel opportunities for collaboration that are specific to their requirements.

The IN-PART matchmaking platform features a unique, intuitive algorithm to smart-match companies with the best and most relevant commercially-ready research from university clients. IN-PART: Discover leverages IN-PART’s relationships with university technology transfer teams worldwide, and adds other departments involved in academic consultancy, spin-outs, and research projects to uncover the latest academic developments and collaboration opportunities, some of which have not yet been published or advertised elsewhere.

IN-PART works closely with companies to identify their areas of interest and to produce an ‘Industrial Call for Opportunities’ (ICO), which is anonymously sent out to research institutions within IN-PART’s existing network and beyond. All the responses are then collated and filtered into a bespoke, actionable and interactive report for the company to review. Finally, IN-PART provides a personal introduction for each opportunity of interest to ensure that the conversation gets started. For more information, please visit

Novel Single-Tube Enzymatic Fragmentation Technology
New England Biolabs (NEB®) has released the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA Library Prep Kit for next generation sequencing (NGS). This new kit employs a novel enzymatic fragmentation system that combines fragmentation, end repair, and dA-tailing in a single tube, and utilizes a single protocol regardless of input amount or GC content.

The NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA Kit has a streamlined workflow, and library preparation can be completed within 2.5 hours, with less than 15 minutes of hands-on time. High-efficiency Ultra II ligation reagents are provided for adaptor ligation, and while the kit is compatible with PCR-free workflows with inputs as low as 50 ng of eukaryotic DNA, the NEBNext Q5® Ultra II PCR Master Mix is provided for amplification of libraries when necessary. This kit is also available with the option of SPRISelect® beads for size-selection and clean-up steps. For more information, please visit
Custom NGS Panels, Accelerating Variant Discovery in Challenging Biological Samples

Swift Biosciences has launched Accel-Amplicon™ Custom NGS Panels, offering a targeted DNA sequencing product that enables the rapid design of highly focused panels for the discovery, validation, and screening of disease genes and their variants.

Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels are a powerful solution to discover and assess clinically-relevant mutations across targeted genes using multiplexed amplicon sequencing. The panels utilize multiple amplicons in a single tube, using a rapid, 2-hour workflow to prepare ready-to-sequence libraries.

Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels are platform agnostic and address many applications such as fine mapping, variant discovery and screening, post GWAS replication, drug target discovery, clinical trial management, and monitoring therapeutic efficacy. The panels also support the widest range of input sample types including fresh and fresh-frozen tissue, whole blood, blood spot cards, FFPE, cell-free DNA, circulating tumor DNA, buccal swab, whole genome amplified DNA, and purified DNA. For more information, please visit

Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum Japan
December 4–5, 2017
Tokyo, Japan
CMC Strategy Forum Winter
January 29, 2018
Washington, DC USA
January 30–February 1, 2018
Washington, DC USA
Annual Meeting & Exposition
November 12–15, 2017
San Diego, California USA
SLAS International Conference & Exposition
February 3–7, 2018
San Diego, California USA
PREP 2018—31st International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography
July 8–11, 2018
Baltimore, Maryland USA
ISBioTech 8th Spring Meeting
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Banner description: Human iCell® DopaNeurons can be used to model devastating neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Here, a cluster of cells (blue nuclei) was stained for tyrosine hydroxylase (red) and neuronal marker MAP2 (green). The image was artistically enhanced to highlight the “burst” of neural projections emanating from the cell mass.
Courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company.
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