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ISBioTech 5th Fall Meeting
Career Development
merican Chemical Society
National Meeting & Exposition
April 2–6, 2017
San Francisco, California USA
International Serum Industry Association
12th Annual Meeting
May 3–4, 2017
Hong Kong
Higher Order Structure
April 3–5, 2017
Gaithersburg, Maryland USA
Bioassays 2017:
Scientific Approaches & Regulatory Strategies
May 8–9, 2017
Silver Spring, Maryland USA
CMC Strategy Forum Europe 2017
May 22–24, 2017
Killarney, Ireland
20th Annual Meeting
May 10–13, 2017
Washington, DC USA
25th ESACT Meeting
25th ESACT Meeting
May 14–17, 2017
Lausanne, Switzerland
30th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography
July 16–19, 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
ISBioTech 8th Spring Meeting
Suggested Reading
Hydroxyethyl Starch Supplemented with Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors
Greatly Improves Cryopreservation of Human Red Blood Cells
By Jessica S. Poisson and Robert N. Ben, University of Ottawa, et al.
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BioProTT™ flow measurement system
The BioProTT™ flow measurement system consists of a Clamp-On Transducer and various flow meter variants, which allow versatile applications ranging from single-use systems to automated processes utilizing flexible tubing, and processes that are sensitive to shearing effects and/or require sterility in the lines.

Advantages at a glance:
Improved process performance by maintaining accurate and reliable media delivery rates
Reduced process risks arising from poor pump performance by supporting the delivery
of accurate volumes to feeder tanks and reactors
Reduced equipment footprint by replacing weighing scales with flow meters
Automated bioprocesses with continuous real-time flow monitoring and recording
Clamp-On Tranducers in different sizes to fit a large number of tubing dimensions
Customer-specific calibration for tubing, temperature, and media
In addition, em-tec offers customer-specific solutions for integration of non-invasive flow measurement for your process or skid. For distribution in the US market, please see
em-tec Flow Technology Inc. | 14 Pennsylvania Plaza, Suite 1800 | New York, NY 10122
Phone: +1 (607) 330 0737 | |
Products & Services
Comprehensive Cell Culture Analyzer
BioProfile FLEX2
Nova Biomedical, in collaboration with Flownamics Corporation, is pleased to announce an online automation solution for cell culture sampling and comprehensive analysis for bench-scale bioreactor cultures. Nova’s BioProfile FLEX2 can now be paired with the Flownamics Seg-Flow Online Autosampler.

BioProfile FLEX2 provides comprehensive analysis of 16 key cell culture chemistries. The full panel of tests can be run in under four minutes with just 265 microliters of sample, and users can select manual sampling or two modes of batch sampling: 96-well plates or the built-in 24-position tray. The FLEX2’s maintenance-free sensor technology comprises two credit card-sized MicroSensor cards. FLEX2 reagent cartridges and MicroSensor cards incorporate RFID technology for simple, snap-in replacement with no additional user input.
The Seg-Flow technology allows for rapid and accurate sampling for up to eight vessels in combination with two independent feed control strategies per vessel. The collaboration between Flownamics and Nova Biomedical allows off-line and at-line data to seamlessly integrate into a multi-functional on-line process analytical technology (PAT) tool through the Seg-Flow system’s communication interface. This software simultaneously acquires all FLEX2 data and can export the data to any Open Platform Communications (OPC)-enabled supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for enhanced process monitoring and control.

For more information, please visit and
Assays for Faster, Simplified Gene Expression Analysis
MilliporeSigma's KiCqStart® Probe Assays are a set of unique, predesigned probe-based assays for faster and simplified gene expression analysis via reverse transcription quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). The new sequences are designed using sophisticated bioinformatics tools to overcome common qPCR shortcomings such as off-target amplification, and to comply with Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines.
KiCqStart® Probe Assays
KiCqStart Probe Assays eliminate the tedious, time-consuming process of manually constructing sequences, and offer convenience with key features including: sequences provided with delivery to facilitate easy publication; oligonucleotides provided in separate tubes to allow for concentration optimization; and lowest price per reaction among predesigned probe-based products.

For more information, please visit
Job Posting
Research Scientist
Career Development
ISPPP 2017
July 19–21, 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
13th Conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells
September 24–28, 2017
Valencia, Spain
XXV Anniversary Congress
October 17–20, 2017
Berlin, Germany
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