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Production of Lentiviral Vectors
By Otto-Wilhelm Merten and Matthias Hebben, Généthon; and Chiara Bovolenta, MolMed S.p.A.
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Kleenpak® Presto
Kleenpak® Presto Genderless Sterile Connector
The Kleenpak® Presto sterile connector is an easy-to-use genderless technology for the sterile connection of two fluid paths even in uncontrolled environments. Available in sizes ¼ in., in., ½ in. and in. hose barb and ½ in. sanitary connection, these devices made from Bisphenol-A free polyethersulfone allow end users to use it in a broad range of applications. 100% inspection of each device is linked to device serial numbers, giving even greater levels of quality assurance.

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Optimized Cell Culture Medium for Vaccine Production
GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business and Valneva SE, a fully integrated vaccine biotech company, are sharing the results of a successful collaboration to optimize virus productivity in Valneva’s EB66® cell-line, a proprietary technology for the production of a wide variety of vaccines, including human and animal health vaccines. Viral production in EB66 cells encompasses secreted viruses, such as measles, alphaviruses, influenza A and B strains, and intracellular viruses, such as the modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus.
The collaboration resulted in the creation of a commercial cell culture medium, HyClone™ CDM4Avian, to address the challenges of media variability. The new medium supports efficient and predictable virus production for manufacturers utilizing EB66 cells, helping to increase production reliability and improve end-product quality. Suitable for use throughout the entire cell-growth process, CDM4Avian is chemically-defined and free from animal-derived components, which improves product consistency and simplifies the regulatory processes for new products.

Until now, only inactivated vaccines could be developed in EB66 cells in Europe. The EMA recently issued new guidelines on vaccine production in immortal cell lines allowing utilization of the EB66 cell line to develop and manufacture live-attenuated vaccines (LAV).

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HyClone™ CDM4Avian
High-Speed Zoom Lens System for Automated Imaging Applications
Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies® Company, introduces Fetura+™ Advanced Zoom Lens. The enhanced, high-end Fetura+ enables high speed and reliable optical performance for the machine vision and inspection markets.

Ideal for high-throughput micro-inspection, non-contact dimensional measurement, and general automated imaging applications, Fetura+ features a unique linear rail design coupled with precision optics to enable it to travel through the 12.5:1 zoom range in less than one second. Due to this unique design, Fetura+ offers a service life in excess of one million cycles and delivers exacting repeatability in any orientation.
Fetura+™ Advanced Zoom Lens
With infinity corrected optics, Fetura+ is fully compatible to the Optem FUSION Lens System optics and accessories, making it even more flexible and versatile than ever. Fetura+ can also be customized with added features or modified housing requirements. With fully programmable operation, Fetura+ can be easily integrated as the optical core of a complete custom imaging assembly.

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Melanocyte cultures derived from human skin were co-stained for gp100 and vimentin with HMB45-AF488 and vimentin-Cy3 respectively, and for nuclear DNA with DAPI using immunocytochemistry (ICC). Total magnification of image is 200X.
Courtesy of Coriell Institute for Medical Research
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