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ISBioTech 7th Spring Meeting
CMC Strategy Forum
December 5–6, 2016
Tokyo, Japan
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Melanocyte cultures derived from human skin were stained for gp100 with HMB45-AF488 and for nuclear DNA with DAPI using immunocytochemistry (ICC). Total magnification of image is 200X.
Courtesy of Coriell Institute for Medical Research
Suggested Reading
Preformulation Studies and Physicochemical
Properties of Intranasal Low Sialic Acid Erythropoietin
By Adriana Muñoz-Cernada, PhD, Center for Drug Research
and Development (CIDEM); Daniel Amaro-González, PhD,
Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM); et al., Havana, Cuba
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Pegasus Prime
The First Choice for Reliable Virus Filtration
Count on Pegasus Prime virus removal filters to deliver first rate performance every time. Our latest innovation in virus filtration provides the most consistent and robust virus retention to protect your critical manufacturing processes, ensure drug quality, and help guarantee patient safety. The unique pre-sterilized filters and filter capsules combine high flow and robust capacity and will simplify your development and manufacturing processes while delivering sustainable economy at all scales. Let the test results speak for themselves.
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Products & Services
Rapid Detection System for Enterovirus 71
ViroCyt®, recently acquired by Sartorius, announces the addition of another member of its ViroTag® portfolio of antibody-based detection reagents: ViroTag EV71.

Enterovirus 71 or EV71 causes epidemics of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) as well as severe neurological diseases in children. The ability to rapidly quantify the virus during the growth, harvest, and purification process is crucial for the manufacture and release of consistent supplies of high-quality vaccines. In response, ViroCyt has created an EV71-specific detection system that—when combined with the Virus Counter 3100 instrument—enables precise quantification of the virus during a one-minute analysis.

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ViroTag EV71
Partnership to Develop Custom Cell-Based Assay
Solutions to Support Biopharmaceutical R&D
cell-based assays

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please visit
ATCC and BioAgilytix have announced a strategic partnership to develop new and custom cell-based assays to accelerate and enhance biopharmaceutical research and development.

The partnership combines ATCC's deep expertise in developing, authenticating, banking, and provisioning cells with BioAgilytix's world-class capabilities in the development, validation, and execution of cell-based assays. Under the agreement, ATCC will offer tool and reagent development and storage services, including custom-engineered cell lines and primary cells, as a complement to the broad array of assay solutions offered by BioAgilytix. Assays will include those used to establish the potency and stability of therapeutic products and help establish their safety and efficacy profiles. 
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ISBioTech 4th Fall Meeting
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