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ISBioTech 4th Fall Meeting
Lonza Virtual Tours
Career Development
Cell Culture-Based Viral Vaccines – First Edition
September 21–23, 2016
Animal Cell Technology Course – Sixth Edition
September 25–29, 2016
Llafranc, Costa Brava, Spain
Cell and Gene Therapy
ESGCT Annual Meeting
October 18–21, 2016
Florence, Italy
The 29th Annual and International Meeting
November 9–12, 2016
Kobe, Japan
BioProcess Cuba
Suggested Reading
Application Note: Chromatographic Separation of Full and Empty AAV8 Capsids
By BIA Separations
For more information, contact Sebastijan Peljhan, PhD.
Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: Validation of Efficacy for Pathogen Reduction
and Assessment of Impacts on Serum Performance
By Mark Plavsic, PhD, DVM, Torque Therapeutics, Inc.;
Raymond Nims, PhD; Marc Wintgens; and Rosemary Versteegen, PhD
Open Access
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Cadence™ Acoustic Separator
Meet the next generation Cadence™ Acoustic Separator from Pall Life Sciences. Whether your bioprocess includes clarification of mAbs, recombinant, or other therapeutic proteins, the Cadence Acoustic Separator (CAS) delivers an unmatched single-use, continuous clarification system. It eliminates the need for primary depth filters or centrifuges, in addition to drastically reducing cost, operator and buffer volume requirements, and facility footprint. Powered by acoustic wave separation (AWS) technology, and exclusively licensed by Pall Life Sciences, the CAS delivers consistent results regardless of stage of process development, or state of materials.

Pall Life Sciences
Products & Services
Single-Use Tube Assemblies
puresu The Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) announces its puresu® single-use fluid path technology. Well-suited for the biopharmaceutical industry, puresu offers sterile, controlled, flexible, and customised tube assemblies for use in various bioprocesses.

puresu products are supplied ready-to- use (double-bagged and irradiated) and work with a broad range of validated components and configurations. WMFTG’s unique design software ensures that tube assemblies are matched perfectly to the customer’s specific applications. The initial design, approval, and quotation process takes as little as 48 hours.
Full traceability of Watson Marlow’s BioPure components, which include Y-connectors, adapters, end caps, Tri-clamps, and flow control valves, is maintained throughout the production process and is provided as part of WMFTG’s detailed documentation. For further information, please visit
Risk Assessment Program Provides Easy Access to Information
on Materials Used for Drug Product Manufacturing
MilliporeSigma has expanded its industry-leading Emprove® risk assessment program to include a selection of products for filtration and single-use processing. The program provides documentation and regulatory information on materials used in the manufacture of drug products to enhance transparency and facilitate manufacturers' risk assessment workflows and supplier qualification.
The Emprove program now includes Millipore Express® filters, Pureflex® and Pureflex® Plus bags, Viresolve® Pro filtration devices, and Durapore® filters. The program gives instant access to online regulatory and technical information including details on extractables, residual solvents, and elemental impurities for a wide range of products. Labeling information, shelf-life data and procedures, sterilization procedures, packaging testing, audit report summaries, and management processes for suppliers are also available. Emprove®
Using the Emprove program, manufacturers can download dossiers on material qualification, quality management, and operational excellence in one centralized location. The original Emprove® program included more than 400 raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in manufacturing drug products such as excipients, process chemicals, and APIs. The newly expanded program provides industry-leading support by anticipating regulatory needs and delivering confidence that reduces risk throughout the manufacturing process.

For more information, please visit
Career Development
ISBioTech 7th Spring Meeting
CMC Strategy Forum
Latin America
September 5–6, 2016
Mexico City, Mexico
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iCell® Skeletal Myoblasts are human iPS cell-derived skeletal myoblast cells that fuse and form multinuclear myotubes after thawing and plating and demonstrate spontaneous electrical-mediated contractions. Here, iCell Skeletal Myoblasts were stained for MF-20, and nuclei (Dapi) seven days post-plating.
Courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company.
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