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ISBioTech 4th Fall Meeting
Career Development
ISBioTech 7th Spring Meeting
Cell Culture-Based Viral Vaccines – First Edition
September 21–23, 2016
Animal Cell Technology Course – Sixth Edition
September 25–29, 2016
Llafranc, Costa Brava, Spain
Cell and Gene Therapy
ESGCT Annual Meeting
October 18–21, 2016
Florence, Italy
November 6–9, 2016
Salzburg, Austria
BioProcess Cuba
Techno-Blast Masthead
Astrocytes, the most abundant cell type in the central nervous system (CNS), play an essential role in the maintenance of a healthy CNS and in the development of CNS diseases. Here, iCell® Astrocytes were stained for key proteins involved in maintaining homeostasis in the brain. Actin (red/orange), glycogen synthase (green), and cell nuclei (blue). 20x image acquired on an EVOS FL Auto Imaging System.
Courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company.
Suggested Reading
Gamma Irradiation of Animal Serum: An Introduction
By Rosemary Versteegen, PhD, International Serum Industry Association (ISIA);
Mark Plavsic, PhD, DVM; Raymond Nims, PhD; Robert Klostermann; and Karl Hemmerich
Open Access
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Integrated Upstream Platform - From Cell Line to Manufacturing
Integrated Upstream Platform
Sartorius Stedim Biotech has developed the first fully integrated upstream platform. It connects a top-performing expression system with outstanding equipment and process control for the rapid development and scale-up of robust, high-titer commercial manufacturing processes.

For more information, please visit
Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Products & Services
Mobile Android App for Cold Chain Monitoring
Onset Computer Company has released the free InTemp mobile app for Android devices, created for use with the company’s InTemp CX400 Series of products. Onset’s InTemp CX400 data loggers are specially designed for pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring applications. Also available for the iOS mobile platform, users can monitor the temperatures of sensitive biologic materials stored in refrigerators, freezers, and controlled-temperature storage areas—from a distance.

The InTemp mobile app enables users to easily view temperature data from CX400 loggers, check logger status, set alarms, and also create and share secure PDF reports from their Android and iOS hand-held computing devices.
InTemp CX400 Series Leveraging the ease-of-use of tablets and smartphones, the InTemp CX400 Series provides an affordable and highly- accessible alternative to USB-based loggers, which require more steps to operate, and manual thermometers, which are susceptible to error. Inefficient temperature monitoring and control can contribute to the loss of valuable biologic products such as vaccines and master cell lines. The InTemp mobile app helps meet regulatory compliance requirements for effective storage monitoring capabilities.

For further information, please visit
Automatic High-Throughput Viscometer
RheoSense, Inc. has introduced the new VROC® initium, the very first automatic viscometer. Equipped with automatic sample loading and sample cleaning, VROC initium measures sample absolute viscosity—in volumes as little as 10 mL—as a function of shear rate across a wide temperature range.
The VROC initium viscometer helps make early- stage development of protein therapeutics cost-effective. Samples in 96-well plates, as well as 40-vial racks, can be tested automatically with the intuitive software included with the system.

Automatic intrinsic viscosity measurements reveal the sizes of molecules in various formulations and conditions, helping to shorten product development time significantly. With the extreme repeatability and small footprint of VROC technology, the initium is the workhorse for both research and routine viscosity measurements.

For further information, please visit
VROC® initium
Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum
Latin America
September 5–6, 2016
Mexico City, Mexico
Cell & Gene Therapy / Immunotherapy
September 21–22, 2016
Berlin, Germany
The 29th Annual and International Meeting
of the Japanese Association
for Animal Cell Technology
November 9–12, 2016
Kobe, Japan
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