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ISBioTech 4th Fall Meeting
Career Development
Cell Culture-Based Viral Vaccines – First Edition
September 21–23, 2016
Animal Cell Technology Course – Sixth Edition
September 25–29, 2016
Llafranc, Costa Brava, Spain
Cell and Gene Therapy
ESGCT Annual Meeting
October 18–21, 2016
Florence, Italy
November 6–9, 2016
Salzburg, Austria
BioProcess Cuba
BioProcess Cuba
February 20–24, 2017
Camagüey, Cuba
Suggested Reading
Using Lifecycle and Quality by Design (QbD) Approaches to
Define, Plan, and Execute Biopharmaceutical Projects
By Mark F. Witcher, PhD, NNE Pharmaplan
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Cadence™ Acoustic Separator
Meet the next generation Cadence™ Acoustic Separator from Pall Life Sciences. Whether your bioprocess includes clarification of mAbs, recombinant, or other therapeutic proteins, the Cadence Acoustic Separator (CAS) delivers an unmatched single-use, continuous clarification system. It eliminates the need for primary depth filters or centrifuges, in addition to drastically reducing cost, operator and buffer volume requirements, and facility footprint. Powered by acoustic wave separation (AWS) technology, and exclusively licensed by Pall Life Sciences, the CAS delivers consistent results regardless of stage of process development, or state of materials.

Pall Life Sciences
Products & Services
Benchtop Scale Fermentation Systems
Cleaver Scientific introduces proSET — an innovative new range of benchtop scale fermentation systems that include programming operations to control pump speed, pH level, temperature, and more.

The proSET One System allows you to use any fermentation vessel type up to 20 L. Fermentation temperature, anti-foam, pH, and DO probe are all included in the standard package. Optional expansion modules allow you to add additional devices to further enhance the capability of the system.
proSET The proSET Evo System is an all-in-one automated fermentation solution designed to provide easy, smooth and productive bioprocessing. The controller is pre-configured to support both thermostat and dry heating. Drawing upon its ability to accommodate vessels from 0.5 to 20 L, the proSET Evo enables productive cultivation of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial, yeast, plant, algae, fungal, mammalian, and insect cell lines.

The proSET Parallel System is the ultimate high productivity system for fermentation labs. Whether running two identical experiments or different experiments at the same time, the proSET Parallel system allows two thermostat heating, two dry heating, or one thermostat and one dry heating experiment to run simultaneously. PC software enables remote control of up to 16 vessels for true parallel operation.

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CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits
AMSBIO has introduced new CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits to provide targeted and precise genomic gene editing methodology. The recently discovered CRISPR/Cas gene editing technique offers higher targeting accuracy, much more target sequence selection, much less complexity, and less off-target cell toxicity than previous generation technologies.

To enable CRISPR genomic editing, the kit provides the standalone, premade Cas9 expression lentivirus and the gRNA lentivector cloning kits from which to construct desired target gRNA lentivectors. Applying both Cas9 lentivirus and gRNA lentivirus allows you to achieve the target knockOut or modification (knockIn) when a donor DNA is also applied.
CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits
The new kits enable rapid, precisely directional cloning of your DNA duplex encoded gRNA structure at efficiencies of greater than 95%. Also, incorporating a pre-linearized lentivector eliminates the need for tedious preparation of a lentivector backbone. The lentivector included in each kit encodes an antibiotic marker or a dual marker (a fluorescent-antibiotic fusion marker) allowing generation of stable cell lines for long-term gRNA expression.

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Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum
Latin America
September 5–6, 2016
Mexico City, Mexico
Cell & Gene Therapy / Immunotherapy
September 21–22, 2016
Berlin, Germany
The 29th Annual and International Meeting
of the Japanese Association
for Animal Cell Technology
November 9–12, 2016
Kobe, Japan
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Human iCell® Hepatocytes 2.0 are highly responsive to insulin, a hormone that triggers key signaling pathways that help regulate glucose uptake, storage, and metabolism. In this example, the following cell features were stained: the nuclei (blue), cytoplasmic albumin (green), and the insulin-responsive target protein phospho-AKT (red).

Courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company.
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