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ISBioTech 4th Fall Meeting
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Biotech and Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)
Includes leased facilities, equipment, and procedures.

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Career Development
Downstream Processing Course
July 25–29, 2016
Massachusetts USA
Cell Culture-Based Viral Vaccines – First Edition
September 21–23, 2016
Animal Cell Technology Course – Sixth Edition
September 25–29, 2016
Llafranc, Costa Brava, Spain
Cell and Gene Therapy
ESGCT Annual Meeting
October 18–21, 2016
Florence, Italy
November 6–9, 2016
Salzburg, Austria
BioProcess Cuba
BioProcess Cuba
February 20–24, 2017
Camagüey, Cuba
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Human MyCell® Neurons can serve as a useful normal control for a wide variety of experiments. In this example, MyCell Neurons were co-stained for neuronal marker MAP2 (green) and nuclear marker MECP2 (red), for which loss-of-function mutations are associated with Rett Syndrome, a severe brain disorder that affects girls.

Courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company.
Suggested Reading
Fetal Bovine Serum: Risk Management
By William Siegel
Regulatory and Monetary Drivers for Real-Time Analytics
By Barry Rosenblatt, SME Biotech Consulting
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Integrated Upstream Platform - From Cell Line to Manufacturing
Integrated Upstream Platform
Sartorius Stedim Biotech has developed the first fully integrated upstream platform. It connects a top-performing expression system with outstanding equipment and process control for the rapid development and scale-up of robust, high-titer commercial manufacturing processes.

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Products & Services
The Latest Advancement in Bioburden Removal and Whole Room Decontamination
The FS-1 Flat-Screen from Bioquell is the latest innovative bio-decontamination technology to revolutionize room decontamination, as well as pass-through chamber and cleanroom aseptic practices. The FS-1 vaporizer is a fixed, wall-mounted system with a footprint equal to that of a 32-inch television. It delivers swift bio-decontamination cycles to a 6-log reduction while leaving no residue, and also has the advantage of operating at low temperatures to preserve heat-sensitive products and materials.
The system is comprised of three specific units. Mounted to a wall inside a selected chamber/room, the small size of the vaporizer maximizes working areas where space is limited. The second unit is a bottle module containing the hydrogen peroxide (HP) vapor solution. It can be placed inside or outside the chamber/room and comes with enhanced peroxide traceability and wastage minimization. Finally, placed outside the target area, the control unit (HMI) is equipped with a simple user-interface and is available in wired or wireless variant.

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FS-1 Flat-Screen
Customized Control of the Cell Microenvironment
PRIMO Alvéole has launched PRIMO, a new photopatterning device that creates protein patterns for cell-based assays. Studying the influence of the microenvironment on intracellular and intercellular mechanisms has been essential for research in cell and medical biology, and now this technology has been advanced by the process of “micropatterning”, which involves the creation of protein patterns on which living cells are cultivated. Potential applications include 3D cell culture, organ-on-chips, and the study of neuronal development. PRIMO can also be a powerful tool in the study of stem cells for regenerative medicine, and predictive toxicology which can serve as an alternative to animal testing.
The PRIMO technique of multi-protein photopatterning is based on LIMAP technology (light-induced molecular adsorption of proteins) which combines a UV illumination system controlled by dedicated “Leonardo” software, as well as a specific photo-activatable reagent (PLPP). For more information, please visit
Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum
Latin America
September 5–6, 2016
Mexico City, Mexico
Cell & Gene Therapy / Immunotherapy
September 21–22, 2016
Berlin, Germany
The 29th Annual and International Meeting
of the Japanese Association
for Animal Cell Technology
November 9–12, 2016
Kobe, Japan
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