Thursday, April 28, 2016  |  Volume 8 / Number 9  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
ISBioTech 4th Fall Meeting
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Career Development
19th Annual Meeting
May 4–7, 2016
Washington, DC USA
AAPS National Biotechnology Conference
May 16–18, 2016
Boston, Massachusetts USA
HPLC 2016
44th International Symposium
June 19–24, 2016
San Francisco, CA USA
29th International Symposium
July 17–20, 2016
Philadelphia, PA USA
Cell and Gene Therapy
ESGCT Annual Meeting
October 18–21, 2016
Florence, Italy
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Suggested Reading
Long-Term CB.Hep-1 Monoclonal Antibody Production in a Single-Use
Bioreactor on a Rocker Platform with Serum- and Protein-Free Media
By Alberto Galván, Rodolfo Valdés et al., Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)
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Allegro™ CS4500
Pall Life Sciences is expanding its range of single-use tangential flow filtration (SUTFF) systems, with the introduction of the Allegro™ CS4500 system. This expanded range of SUTFF systems offers processing from 2 L to 2000 L batches. The Allegro CS4500 automated system is easy-to-use and offers all the critical single-use sensors for running and monitoring ultrafiltration and diafiltration processes at 2000 L batch volumes, with 3.0 to 10 m2 cassette area.

The step editor software offers flexible, user friendly control of TFF processes, is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, and enables processing under optimum conditions, using fully automated process sequences.

Pall Life Sciences
Products & Services
New System Allows Label Free, Long Time-Course, Live Cell Imaging
Phase Focus Ltd has announced the commercial launch of Livecyte, a new complete live cell imaging system for kinetic cytometry. Livecyte enables researchers to achieve a deeper understanding of the phenotypic and kinetic behaviours of both single cells and populations in a label free environment and, uniquely, allows users to interleave fluorescence measurements during different drug treatments or across cell types within a single experiment.
With the ability to image multiple regions of interest within wells and across well plates, this intuitive system delivers multi parametric, quantitative data and high contrast, high fidelity images and videos. Perfectly focused cells and powerful cell tracking software enable enhanced lineage tracking. The ability of the system to image continuously ensures that large (mm) fields of view can be captured without stitching: highly motile cells are not lost during long time-courses. Cell perturbation is minimised since cells are imaged in their growth media without the need for fluorescent labels. This technique is particularly useful for fragile cells. Livecyte
For more information, please visit
The Art of Mixing
SPX FLOW’s Lightnin brand is launching new all stainless steel top entry mixers (SanStar stainless steel in-line [SSi] and stainless steel offset [SSO]) and the Lightnin LB2 (LabMaster/BioMixer). All use advanced Lightnin impellers for highly efficient and effective mixing, and brushless DC motors for long life and reduced maintenance.
SanStar The mixers are ideal for a wide range of mixing applications including buffer and media preparation, fermenters, bioreactors, product recovery, and bulk pharmaceutical processing. They are easily cleaned, provide superior corrosion protection, and are suitable for use in clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) operations.

The 0.2 HP (150W) Lightnin LB2 mixer model offers excellent, precise mixing performance for lab and small volume open or closed tank applications up to 16G (60 liters). Units have automatic dual speed transmission that provides constant torque and precision over the whole speed range of 20–2500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 40 in-lbs (450 N cm). For more information, please visit
Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum
Europe 2016
May 9–11, 2016
Paris, France
Host Cell Protein Workshop
May 17–19, 2016
Lisbon, Portugal
11th Annual Meeting
May 18–19, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
7th Monolith Summer School and Symposium
May 27–June 1, 2016
Portorož, Slovenia
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Varicella zoster virus infected iCell® Neurons stained for viral proteins ORF63 (green) and ORF68 (red).

Courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company.
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