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Annual BEBPA Bioassay Conference
September 23–25, 2015
Budapest, Hungary
CMC Strategy Forum
Japan 2015
December 7–8, 2015
Tokyo, Japan
WCBP 2016
January 26–28, 2016
Washington, DC USA
Washington 2016
January 25–27, 2016
 Washington, DC USA
ASGCT 19th Annual Meeting
May 4–7, 2016
 Washington, DC USA
Techno-Blast Masthead
Immunostaining of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Red, SSEA-4 pluripotency marker; Green, TRA-1-66 pluripotency marker; Blue, Hoechst nuclear stain.

Courtesy of Ma Sha, PhD, R&D Lab, Eppendorf, Inc.

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Suggested Reading
Preparing Biotherapeutic Extracellular Vesicles:
Ultrafilters, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and the Regulatory Horizon
By Chandreyee Das, PhD, EMD Millipore
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Cell Counting Made Easy
Perfect for large to small scale applications, the Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyzer automates the widely accepted trypan blue dye exclusion method for cell viability that has historically been performed manually with a light microscope, pipette, and a hemacytometer.

Thanks to cutting-edge liquid handling technology, the entire system — from sample aspiration to reagent handling to instrument cleaning — is fully controlled by an advanced, yet easy-to-use software interface designed for maximum flexibility.
To support a cGMP environment Beckman Coulter offers an Instrument Operational Qualification Program. This program is designed to reduce your time and effort spent on complying with equipment guidelines in GMP.

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Products & Services
New LED Illuminator for Microscopy
Excelitas Technologies® Corp. announces the availability of X-Cite® TURBO, a new multi-wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator for microscopy imaging and detection applications. Featuring Excelitas Technologies’ patent-pending LaserLED Hybrid Drive™, X-Cite TURBO provides maximum excitation power for all standard color wavelengths, including the ever-popular yellow excitation band.

The X-Cite TURBO enables precise control by balancing illumination intensities between six popular wavelengths to protect samples from photodamage. Users are able to define the exact bandwidth of light desired to reach the fluorophore for maximum excitation efficiency. X-Cite TURBO enables individual or simultaneous excitation of all fluorophores ranging from DAPI to Cy5, or fluorescence proteins from CFP to mCherry, making it suitable for conducting a variety of live or fixed-cell imaging and detection experiments.

Additionally, the intensity of each of the six LEDs can be controlled independently through analog signals or PC control interface. For more information, please visit
Multimode Microplate Reader with HTRF Technology
Berthold Technologies' multilabel reader TriStar2S now takes the next step. Since the recent introduction of monochromator technology, the TriStar2S now also supports time resolved fluorescence energy transfer assays (TR-FRET, HTRF®). FRET is an excellent technology to monitor specific molecular interactions with high sensitivity in homogeneous phase. With the time resolved FRET technology now available for the TriStar2S, the sensitivity of FRET studies is dramatically enhanced. Time resolved FRET can be applied for FRET assays featuring an acceptor dye with long lived fluorescence decays, such as the CisBio HTRF kit. After excitation of the donor with a short light pulse, the acceptor emission is only recorded after a tunable time delay of 50–300 µs. This way, the acceptor emission is exclusively recorded and potential background emission is effectively suppressed.

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