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Career Development
Career Opportunity
Laramie, Wyoming USA
CMC Strategy Forum
Latin America 2015
August 24–25, 2015
Brasília, Federal District, Brazil
CMC Strategy Forum
Japan 2015
December 7–8, 2015
Tokyo, Japan
Annual BEBPA Bioassay Conference
September 23–25, 2015
Budapest, Hungary
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Top 15 Trends in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing for 2015:
A Summary of Global Findings from the 12th Annual Report
and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production
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Achieving MAb Binding Greater Than 120 mg/mL With Novel,
High-Flow Agarose Ion Exchange Resins
By Hans J. Johansson et al., Purolite
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Advanced Industrial Biomanufacturing 2015
New program explores emerging technologies
Save the Dates: October 21–23, 2015
Join us at the BETC to preview new technologies, process developments, and research findings emerging from commercial and academic labs that will help your biomanufacturing enterprise become more efficient, consistent, and flexible.

The program includes lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, and networking opportunities. You will hear from industry and academic leaders at the forefront of upstream and downstream innovations. Topics to be covered include:

Continuous biomanufacturing
New and innovative bioprocess technologies
Stem cell applications in biomanufacturing
Plant cell production of therapeutics
New platforms for filtration and chromatography
Design of experiments and data management
Risk assessment and management
More information about the program, presentations, and keynote speakers will be announced in the coming weeks on our website

Products & Services
Easy-to-Use Illumination System for Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy
Prior Scientific's new Lumen 1600-LED fluorescence illumination system is designed for the most advanced fluorescent techniques, with intuitive controls that make it easy to use. The LEDs in the Lumen 1600 last at least 25,000 hours, and deliver evenly distributed, high intensity light for optimal excitation of fluorophores.

The Lumen 1600 incorporates 16 LEDs, covering the spectrum from 365–770 nm. Using an innovative four-channel system allows up to four distinct fluorophores to be excited simultaneously. These LED groupings permit the use of almost all stains used in multi-band combinations.

Multiple pre-set modes include simple white light illumination and more advanced options with different intensities of individual LED emissions. Rapid switching between LED wavelengths enables capture of high speed events. Furthermore, the Lumen 1600 is compatible with all commercially available double, triple, and quadruple filters.

For more information, please visit
Fast Evaporation from Vacuum-Assisted Vortex Concentration Technology
Asynt has set a new standard for labs tasked with drying sample tubes and vials. The Smart Evaporator is a compact solvent removal/concentration system for sample tubes and vials up to 100 mL in volume.

Asynt's Spiral Plug, a patented vacuum-assisted vortex concentration technology, works by using vacuum to draw air/nitrogen through a spiral slit, generating a vortex which both stirs the sample and creates an increased evaporative surface area. Spiral Plugs are tapered, making the Smart Evaporator compatible with almost any type of vial or sample tube. The spiral air flow generated allows the Smart Evaporator to rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents, such as DMSO, DMF, and water without heating to high temperatures.

The Smart Evaporator is available in a
range of colours. For more information,
please visit
Career Development
PREP 2015—28th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography
July 26–29, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
ISPPP 2015—35th Symposium and Exhibit on the Separation and Characterization of Biologically Important Molecules
July 29–31, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
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