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Friday, October 31, 2014  |  Volume 6 / Number 22  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
Career Development
Senior Manager,
Quality Assurance
Post Doc Position:
Bioprocess Technology
and Hybrid Modelling
Christian Doppler Laboratory, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Position starts on
January 1, 2015
CMC Strategy Forum
Japan 2014
December 8–9, 2014
Tokyo, Japan
CMC Strategy Forum
and WCBP 2015
January 26–29, 2015
Washington, DC USA
Phacilitate Washington Bioleaders Forum 2015
January 26–28, 2015
Washington, DC USA
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By Marcia Coyne, Genentech, Inc.
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Pfanstiehl Launches cGMP-Produced
Non-Animal Derived Galactose and Mannose
Latest news: Pfanstiehl has recently expanded its line of high purity, low endotoxin, cGMP-produced components to include non-animal derived galactose and mannose. These chemically pure ingredients offer improved consistency and performance, helping to reduce secondary metabolite formation and improve native glycosylation.

For more information, please visit
our website: PFANSTIEHL.COM
The industry trend toward cGMP-produced materials with tight process control and extensive impurity profiling has driven increased requests for Pfanstiehl to expand its offerings and to consider custom manufacturing projects as well. Demand for tried and true high purity components like trehalose (cryopreservation, aggregation prevention), sucrose, and mannitol is growing. In response, Pfanstiehl has expanded capacity and initiated programs to de-risk the supply chain and invest in new product development in the areas of both upstream and downstream solutions.

Products & Services
High Performance Reversed Phase Flash Purification
Biotage has launched Biotage® SNAP ULTRA C18 — a range of high performance, reversed phase flash purification cartridges and samplets.

Biotage SNAP ULTRA C18 reversed phase cartridges are optimized for use with Biotage ACI™ and Isolera™ flash systems and are available in 12, 30, 60, 120, 400, 950, and 1850 g cartridge sizes. They enable chemists to confidently load 2–3% weight percentage of samples onto reversed phase columns. The time taken for purification and solvent usage can therefore be reduced by 50% or a smaller cartridge can be used for the same purification, often with improved purification results.

The cartridges are packed with the new Biotage HP-Sphere C18 25 micron spherical silica particles. The silica is chemically neutral with no adverse interactions, ensuring higher yields and better recoveries. Plus a wide range of purifications are possible, along with the use of acidic or basic modifiers.

For more information, please visit
New Atmospheric Control Unit for Enhanced Cell-Based Assays
BMG LABTECH GMBH announces its new Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for the CLARIOstar microplate reader. The new ACU is the ideal solution for cell-based applications, from standard cell growth to hypoxic assays or pH control.

The ACU provides a complete solution to fully regulate and independently control both O2 and CO2 gas levels within the microplate reader chamber. From standard cell growth to hypoxic or cytotoxicity assays, the ACU provides the optimal environment for any live cell assay. In combination with the temperature control, shaking options, and bottom reading detection, the ACU provides a versatile ‘walk away’ solution for long term cell-based assays.

For more information, please visit
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Career Development
The 27th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT2014)
November 11–14, 2014
Fukuoka, Japan
The 12th Conference on Protein Expression
in Animal Cells
September 20–24, 2015
San Diego, California USA
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