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Wednesday, July 9, 2014  |  Volume 6 / Number 14  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum
Summer 2014
July 21–22, 2014
Gaithersburg, Maryland USA
Animal Cell Technology Course – Fourth Edition
September 28–
October 2, 2014
Cells for Compound Screening Course – First Edition
October 2–5, 2014
Llafranc, Costa Brava, Spain
International Workshop
on Statistical and Data Management Approaches
for Biotechnology
Drug Development
August 27–28, 2014
Rockville, Maryland USA
PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference
September 8–10, 2014
Washington, DC USA
Suggested Reading
From The Editor-in-Chief
By Keith L. Carson, BioProcessing Journal
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Cell Counting Made Easy
Perfect for large to small scale applications, the Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyzer automates the widely accepted trypan blue dye exclusion method for cell viability that has historically been performed manually with a light microscope, pipette, and a hemacytometer.

Thanks to cutting-edge liquid handling technology, the entire system — from sample aspiration to reagent handling to instrument cleaning — is fully controlled by an advanced, yet easy-to-use software interface designed for maximum flexibility.
To support a cGMP environment Beckman Coulter offers an Instrument Operational Qualification Program. This program is designed to reduce your time and effort spent on complying with equipment guidelines in GMP.

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Products & Services
Change Protein Characterization with Just the Right Touch
Looking for more efficient protein characterization? You’ve found it. With the LabChip® GXII Touch system from PerkinElmer, you get the same quality results as traditional capillary electrophoresis (CE) – only 70 times faster.

What’s more, the LabChip GXII Touch:

Automates processes so there’s no prep time and less hands-on labor
Enables you to characterize seven protein quality attributes – on one system
Delivers touchscreen ease of use, so everyone can analyze samples like a pro

For more information, please visit
Microplate Spectrophotometer with Enhanced User Interface
BioTek unveils the new Epoch™ 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer with a hi-res 10" touchscreen and full onboard Gen5™ analysis software for simplified and efficient operation and reporting of absorbance-based detection workflows. Epoch 2 features a spectral range from 200-999 nm, selectable in 1 nm increments for single, dual, and multi-wavelength measurements in endpoint and kinetic read methods; and also offers spectral- and well-area scanning.

Compatible sample vessels include 6- to 384-well microplates, standard cuvettes, and 2 µL samples via BioTek's Take3™ micro-volume plates. Standard linear, orbital, and double-orbital shaking, and precise 4-Zone™ temperature control to 65 °C are ideal settings for cell-based assays. Data can be exported via WiFi, BlueTooth®, and USB flash drive.

For more information, please visit
Techno-Blast Masthead
Human fibroblasts (confocal micrograph).

Courtesy of Thomas Moninger, Assistant Manager, University of Iowa's Central Microscopy Research Facility, Used under permission.
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Career Development
Annual BEBPA Bioassay Meeting
September 24–26, 2014
Barcelona, Spain
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