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Career Development
Live Webinar
New Strategies to Improve Your CE-SDS Results:
A Data-Driven Perspective
November 14, 2013
11:00 AM EST
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Innovation in Biopharmaceutical Production
November 21, 2013
1:00 PM EST
Focusing on results from:
10th Annual Report
and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity
and Production
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Washington BioLeaders Forum
January 27-29, 2014
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Suggested Reading
Fetal Bovine Serum: The Impact of Geography
By William Siegel and Leland Foster, PhD
Products & Services
Expansion System for Cell Therapy Manufacturing Applications
GE Healthcare Life Sciences has launched Xuri™, a new technology family designed specifically to support and advance the field of cell therapy. The Xuri Cell Expansion System W25 facilitates the manufacture of cellular immunotherapies (including T-cells) in a clinical setting, and can be readily scaled-out.

The Xuri System W25 incorporates single-use, functionally closed disposables to minimize cell contamination risks. Dedicated software applications allow for an automated, regulated manufacturing environment. Working volumes range from as little as 1 L, appropriate for growing high-density cell cultures for autologous purposes, up to 25 L when expanding cell culture production capacities.

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Large-Scale Purification Columns for Low-Pressure Chromatography

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The Upscale® Series of glass columns from Essential Life Solutions are designed for large-scale purification of biological molecules using low pressure liquid chromatography techniques. Columns consist of a borosilicate glass tube protected by an acrylic jacket, a base plate, and an adjustable piston. The piston range allows the user to select a variety of column heights and volumes. The base plate and the piston are equipped with a flow distributor system composed of an anti-jetting device and radial distribution channels with a 20 µm (standard) frit.

Upscale columns ensure uniform flow of liquid onto the surface of the packing material and out of the column. The sealing systems at the lower and upper portions of the column have been designed to minimize dead volume, helping to reduce the possibility of sample dilution, trapped microorganisms, or contaminating substances.
Rapid Annealing and Sterilization Without the Gas Flame
WLD-TEC has introduced the new SteriMax Smart sterilizer, ideal for use in laboratories, anaerobic environments, and safety cabinets. This innovative product uses specifically focused infrared (IR) light to generate a hotspot. Touchless IR sensor technology turns the unit on automatically. Sterilizing inoculating loops at a temperature of 650-1100°C is possible in only 5-10 seconds without any preheating.

The SteriMax Smart sterilizer is energy-efficient and features a cool-touch stainless steel housing and safety glass, adjustable timers for two separate users, and is simple to clean. The annealing tube is made of special quartz glass and an optional wear-resistant ceramics tube is also available.

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Career Development
Live Webinar
UV-C Treatment — A New Procedure for
Viral Inactivation
December 11, 2013
1:00 PM EST
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Going Beyond Flexible
Single-Use Facility for Achieving Efficient Commercial Manufacturing
November 19, 2013
10:00 AM EST
CMC Strategy Forum
& WCBP 2014
January 27-30, 2014
Washington, DC USA
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