Thursday, July 11, 2013  |  Volume 5 / Number 14  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum -
Summer 2013
July 15-16, 2013
Gaithersburg, MD USA
26th International Symposium
July 14-17, 2013
Boston, MA USA
33rd Symposium
on the Separation and Characterization of Biologically Important Molecules
July 17-19, 2013
Boston, MA USA
Animal Cell Technology Course, Third Edition
September 29-
October 3, 2013
Llafranc, Spain
Suggested Reading
TIPS: Titerless Infected-Cells Preservation and Scale-Up
By David J. Wasilko and S. Edward Lee, PhD, written while at Pfizer
Products & Services
Compact Heating Dry Bath Designed for Robots & Other Remote-Controlled Systems

For more information, please visit
Torrey Pines Scientific announces its EchoTherm™ RHB20 compact, Heating Dry Baths with temperatures settable from ambient to 120.0 °C.

These units are designed for PC remote-controlled applications on robotic and bench top systems. Any number of RHB20’s can be connected to each other via the RS232 I/O port on each unit, or connected directly to any available PC serial ports. Connected units can all be set to a single temperature via the source PC. The unit(s) will continue to run the temperature instructed even when the PC is disconnected.

The precision-made aluminum sample blocks are available for standard assay plates, deep-well assay plates, centrifuge tubes of all sizes, vials, and most any size test tube. Custom sample blocks can also be made by request.
The RHB20 can be set and will control temperature to 0.1 °C. Temperature settings are stable to ± 0.2 °C and accurate to ± 0.5 °C. Each unit comes complete with heater module, universal power supply, AC line cord for the country of use, and instructions including the Serial Port Command Set.
Cryogen-Free Benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) System
Magritek introduces the Spinsolve™ compact NMR spectrometer for fast, high-resolution NMR spectroscopy. With Spinsolve, superb spectra are available in seconds.

Spinsolve is controlled by easy-to-use software that runs on a separate PC and requires very little training. Traditional NMR complexities are hidden and automated. The system uses a fast automatic lock, giving the user the choice of whether or not to use deuterated solvents.

Spinsolve uses standard 5 mm NMR tubes, enabling quick sample loading and unloading. Once the spectrum is acquired it can be viewed immediately, printed, or quickly sent via email or network to another location for further analysis. The data is easily opened in third party NMR software.

For more information,
please visit
Convenient and Efficient Cryogenic Grinding
RETSCH has developed the CryoMill specifically for cryogenic grinding. An integrated cooling system ensures that the grinding jar is continually cooled with liquid nitrogen before and during the grinding process. Thus, the sample is embrittled and volatile components are preserved.

Processor-controlled programmable cooling cycles (CryoCycles) allow for individual adaptation of the grinding process to the sample material. The Autofill System provides liquid nitrogen in the required amount, ensuring that the user never directly contacts the LN2.

The new-generation CryoMill achieves considerably improved grind sizes thanks to the increased oscillating frequency of 30 Hz. Another new feature allows storage of up to nine SOPs. Further improvements include a steel-reinforced housing, optimized liquid nitrogen duct, and new accessories such as an adapter for six reaction vials and a 10 mL grinding jar.

The mill can also be operated without cooling, making it suitable for a vast range of applications. For more information, please visit
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Career Development
Strategies for Accelerating Preclinical Development of Vaccines and Therapeutic Proteins
August 20, 2013
Boston, MA USA
Biosimilars: Current Guidelines & Future Opportunities
August 22, 2013
Dania Beach, FL USA
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