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Career Development
CMC Strategy Forum -
Summer 2013
July 15-16, 2013
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Animal Cell Technology Course, Third Edition
September 29-October 3, 2013
Llafranc, Spain

Suggested Reading
Bovine Serum Albumin Partitioning in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems:
Effects of Variables and Optimization
By Nangarthody Sindhu, Sivakumar Kalaivani, and Iyyaswami Regupathi, PhD,
Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Karnataka
Products & Services
New Gene Synthesis Services
GENEWIZ announces two new specialized gene synthesis servicessmall gene synthesis and variant synthesis.

For more information, please visit and register for the
gene synthesis webinar
on July 17th.
Now you can save on small gene (< 750 bp) projects by minimizing colony screening with 100% sequence-verified clonal constructs. Instead of linear fragments, GENEWIZ delivers clean, clonal material to streamline the research process.

Variant synthesis is ideal for antibody discovery or for labs studying protein structure and function. Starting from a wild-type sequence and defined mutations, GENEWIZ delivers a collection of variants. For more details, please read the Application Note.
Fully Disposable Cell Retention Device for High-Density Perfusion
APIcells Inc. introduces CYTOPERF technology, the first commercial fully disposable cell retention device to address high-density perfusion processes. The CYTOPERF design is a disposable, non-fouling, and non-clogging retention device for perfusion. Applied to continuous process, the Disposable Acoustic Perfusion system becomes the most advantageous solution for perfusion cultures. The CYTOPERF technology is beneficial not only to R&D and process development, but also at production scale.

Based on resonant ultrasonic waves that separate cells from supernatant, the CYTOPERF offers all the benefits of other perfusion technologies, but without their inherent problems and limitations. The CYTOPERF is proposed as a stand-alone model for 1-20 L bioreactor applications, achieving the same productivity as a bioreactor five to ten times larger running in fed-batch mode.

The CYTOPERF technology can also be used for cell concentration and cell washing. For more information, please visit
Low Light Cooled CCD Camera in a Compact Body
Artemis CCD Limited has launched the FS92 camera featuring 9.19 million effective pixels in a Type 1 3388 x 2712 pixel array. The FS92 combines high resolution and high sensitivity, with a typical read noise of 5 electrons — a perfect choice for low light applications including fluorescence and chemi-luminescence imaging.  The asymmetric pixel binning function also makes it a highly effective detector in optical spectroscopy.

As with previous Artemis CCD Cameras®, the FS92 is fully compatible with all software downloads available on This includes a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) together with LabVIEW drivers and a plugin for the open source image editor, ImageJ.
The FS92 is Peltier cooled to a delta of -25 °C below ambient and is available with either a monochrome or colour sensor. By specifying the alternative rectangular body design for particularly demanding applications, an additional -10 °C cooling performance may be achieved.

For more information, please visit
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Career Development
26th International Symposium
July 14-17, 2013
Boston, MA USA
33rd Symposium on
the Separation and Characterization of Biologically Important Molecules
July 17-19, 2013
Boston, MA USA
Strategies for Accelerating Preclinical Development of Vaccines and
Therapeutic Proteins
August 20, 2013
Boston, MA USA
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