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Career Development
Fluidization XIV: From Fundamentals to Products
May 26-31, 2013
The Netherlands
CMC Strategy Forum -
Summer 2013
July 15-16, 2013
Gaithersburg, MD USA
Protein Characterization, Biopharmaceutical Development and Bioprocessing Workshop
June 4, 2013
Princeton, NJ USA
Suggested Reading
Patent Exhaustion: A Tireless Limit on Patent Rights
By William K. Merkel, PhD, JD, Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP
As published in Nature Medicine 19, 452–457 (2013) doi:10.1038/nm.3107:
Coagulation Factor X Shields Adenovirus Type 5 From Attack
by Natural Antibodies and Complement
By Zhili Xu, Qi Qiu, Jie Tian, Jeffrey S. Smith, Gina M. Conenello, Takashi Morita,
and Andrew P. Byrnes
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Cell Counting for Academia

Offer ends December 13, 2013.

Vi-CELL is for Laboratory Use Only.
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The Vi-CELL XR is a highly accurate and easy-to-use automated cell viability analyzer used by thousands of biotechnology professionals worldwide. To make this technology available to academia, Beckman Coulter is offering a substantial discount to life sciences institutions.

Key features of the Vi-CELL XR include:

  • 12-position auto sampler
  • Concentration range: 50,000 to 10,000,000 cells per mL
  • Customizable cell types which allow analysis of many cell species
  • Minimum sample volume of 0.5 mL
To learn more about the Vi-CELL XR and this special offer, please visit:

Products & Services
High-Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction
Hamilton Robotics has collaborated with kit manufacturer MACHEREY-NAGEL® to create the Genomic STARlet™, an automated liquid handling workstation that extracts nucleic acids from biological samples and purifies PCR products in a non-IVD environment. Just one instrument can run up to eight pre-installed protocols and accommodate different input samples, including bacterial, eukaryotic cells, tissue, blood, plants, and others. The instrument processes 96 samples in 60-144 minutes depending on the kit, enabling several runs to be performed each day.

The instrument package includes easy-to-use software with an intuitive user interface. In addition, the operator can easily switch protocols.
The Genomic STARlet features real-time clot detection, uses no aerosols due to forceless tip pickup and ejection technology (CO-RE), and minimizes contamination risks with unique features like Anti-Droplet Control (ADC) design. The hardware also saves space with an integrated, small-footprint vacuum system, and the CO-RE Gripper provides fast and convenient on-deck transport.

For more information, please visit
Preservation and Optimization of Frozen Tissue Samples
CryoXtract Instruments, LLC announced the introduction of its CXT 350T Frozen Tissue Aliquotter. The CXT 350T allows targeted, repeated, and safe access to frozen tissue samples, while preserving their frozen state throughout the entire process.
The CXT 350T's proprietary coring process enables uniform sizing and efficient distribution of frozen tissue sample aliquots, thereby maximizing sample integrity and optimizing scientific outcomes. Specific regions of interest can be accessed within a sample via the instrument's unique tissue-mounting method and laser-targeting feature, while incorporating standard histology slides and pathology review.

The CXT 350T offers a compact bench-top design, together with an efficient LN2 chilling system to fit seamlessly into existing lab workflows. Its frozen coring process includes pre-chilled coring probes and destination tubes designed to ensure that a sample's frozen state is maintained throughout the process. Moreover, proprietary single-use, disposable coring probes eliminate the potential for contamination and carryover.

For more information, please visit
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Career Development
23rd ESACT Meeting:
Better Cells
for Better Health
June 23-26, 2013
Lille, France
6th Monolith Summer School & Symposium
May 30-June 4, 2014
Portorož, Slovenia
Partnering for Vaccine Emerging Markets
June 10-11, 2013
Berlin, Germany
26th International Symposium
July 14-17, 2013
Boston, MA USA
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A culture of
Madin-Darby canine
kidney epithelial cells

Image provided by
Michael W. Davidson,
National High Magnetic
Field Laboratory
The Florida State University, Tallahassee.
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