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Career Development
PDA Annual Meeting
April 15-17, 2013
Orlando, Florida USA
16th Annual Meeting
May 15-18, 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Training Course
Animal and Human
Cell Culture:
Method and Applications
April 29-May 3, 2013
Bethesda, Maryland USA
Techno-Blast Masthead
Human fibroblasts
(confocal micrograph).

Courtesy of Thomas Moninger, Assistant Manager, University of Iowa's Central Microscopy Research Facility,
Used under permission.

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Suggested Reading
Enhanced Recovery of L-Asparaginase by the Optimization of
a Three-Phase Partitioning System Using the Taguchi DOE Methodology
By Santosh Kumar Jha et al.,
Department of Biotechnology, Birla Institute of Technology-Mesra, India
Products & Services
Peristaltic Fillers for Small Batch Production
Flexicon benchtop peristaltic fillers are designed for use in cleanroom cGMP production processes. Batch set up is achieved in one minute with fill volumes from 5 mL to 5 L and precise ± 0.5 mL dosing accuracy.

Offering a contamination-free single-use flowpath, Flexicon’s peristaltic technology simplifies cleaning validation and enhances the integrity of high purity upstream processes, purification, and fill/finish applications. Unlike piston pumps, there are no seals, valves, or moving parts in its path to lead to contamination. Flexicon’s peristaltic solutions operate with precision, efficiency and flexibility, allowing for unsurpassed equipment safety, risk mitigation, and performance.
Flexicon's peristaltic pumps are also able to handle live cells and perform by compressing the tubing in a forward motion with the tube acting as both the check valve as well as the transport mechanism.

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Cold Chain Logistics
Cryoport understands the challenges faced in global frozen shipping of biologics — from risking samples through temperature excursions to managing carriers, paperwork, and increasingly complex shipping lanes.

Cryoport delivers a frozen shipping solution by combining its advanced web-based Logistics Management Platform with cutting-edge liquid nitrogen dry vapor shippers. The LN2 dry vapor shippers are IATA certified and validated to maintain a stable temperature below -150 °C for 10+ days. Replacing dry ice with dry vapor shippers virtually eliminates the risk of temperature excursions and cell degradation during frozen transportation.

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Automated Batch Feeding Control for Disposable Bioreactors
Stratophase announces the launch of the Ranger Solo™ sensor for inclusion in single-use bioreactors. Ranger Solo provides real-time, in-line bioprocess feeding control to increase yields of fully functional biologics.
In combination with the Ranger Manager™, an intelligent multi-probe management system, Ranger Solo can be integrated into stainless steel and glass bioreactors to enable the automation of feeding regimes through observation of the process' metabolic rate in real time. In addition Ranger Solo can be used to rapidly identify and react to key process characteristics, such as maximum metabolic rate and process completion.

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  Career Development
Virginia Regional Herpes Symposium
April 6, 2013
Norfolk, Virginia USA
23rd ESACT Meeting:
Better Cells
for Better Health
June 23-26, 2013
Lille, France
245th ACS National Meeting
& Exposition
April 7-11, 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana USA
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