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Career Development
BioDownstream Technologies Course 2013
April 15-19, 2013
Piran, Slovenia
Training Course
Animal and Human
Cell Culture:
Method and Applications
April 29-May 3, 2013
Bethesda, MD USA
245th ACS National Meeting
& Exposition
April 7-11, 2013
New Orleans, LA USA
April 16-18, 2013
Washington, DC Metro Area
Techno-Blast Masthead
Expression of two genes
(confocal micrograph).

Courtesy of Thomas Moninger, Assistant Manager, University of Iowa's Central Microscopy Research Facility,
Used under permission.

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Suggested Reading
Synthetic Antibodies: The Emerging Field of Aptamers
By Suzy Kedzierski, Marketing Communications Ink,
and G. Thomas Caltagirone, PhD, Aptagen, LLC
Products & Services
RNA-Seq Data Analysis
ContigExpress utilizes cutting-edge open-source software and state-of-the-art computational infrastructure to provide a complete data-to-report solution for de novo transcriptome assembly of RNA-Seq data. Detailed analysis work flow, software version, key parameters, and related references are all thoroughly documented.
ContigExpress has assembled hundreds of transcriptomes from fungi, insects, plants, and other organisms. A typical assembly project is completed in two weeks, and includes:

• Raw read QC and quality trimming • Unigene expression quantification
• De novo assembly optimization • Differential expression analysis
• Unigene-level annotation • GO enrichment analysis
• GO-level annotation • Pathway enrichment analysis
• Pathway-level annotation • SNP/SSR analysis

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Total Virus Accelerator (TVA)
BioOutsource's comprehensive range of biosafety testing services is supported by a high level of commercial, regulatory, and technical expertise, with a proven track record in providing excellent virology technical support.

The Total Virus Accelerator has been developed to provide a single resource for the safety testing, and to fulfill all of the regulatory requirements for your virus product. Ready-to-use antisera negate the need to develop a neutralising antiserum, thus reducing the start time for testing your virus by three months. Rapid PCR assays and pre-developed assays (e.g. RCR and RCA assays) will also ensure that you meet timelines and satisfy regulators.
BioOutsource successfully released Adenovirus, Retrovirus, Herpesvirus and many other virus types for trials in Europe, Asia and USA. Rely on their expertise in facilitating rapid, cost effective testing plans to accelerate your virus product through the development process into Phase I clinical trials and beyond.

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Protein Concentration Prior to Separation & Analysis
Genevac's miVac sample concentrator provides an efficient and cost effective alternative to membrane centrifugation techniques for protein concentration prior to separation or analysis.

The miVac sample concentrator is an excellent alternative to traditional methods for handling large numbers of protein samples. With membrane centrifugation, valuable sample is often lost due to protein binding to the membrane. By comparison, using a miVac sample concentrator ensures complete sample recovery even when taking proteins to very high concentrations.
The miVac range has been designed to meet the requirements for speedy yet careful biological sample concentration. Each miVac sample concentrator provides very high performance, precise temperature control, and ease of use – all within a small benchtop footprint. miVac sample concentrators are capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials. Built-in stored methods for drying aqueous and alcohol-based samples also improve performance and optimise concentration time.

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  Career Development
Virginia Regional Herpes Symposium
April 6, 2013
Norfolk, Virginia USA

Partnering for Vaccine Emerging Markets
June 10-12, 2013
Berlin, Germany
23rd ESACT Meeting:
Better Cells
for Better Health
June 23-26, 2013
Lille, France
PDA Annual Meeting
April 15-17, 2013
Orlando, Florida USA
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