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Career Development
January 28-30, 2013
Washington, DC USA
Microbial Fermentation: Development & Scale-Up
March 19-22, 2013
Cell-Based Vaccine Production:
A Hands-on Approach
June 11-14, 2013
Techniques In
Animal Cell Culture
& Scale-Up Strategies
June 11-14, 2013
All courses take place in:
Logan, Utah USA
April 16-18, 2013
Washington, DC Metro Area
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Jurkat cells. YO-PRO®-1 dye and propidium iodide, components of the Membrane Permeability/Dead Cell Apoptosis Kit.

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Suggested Reading
The Pervasiveness of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Commercial Bovine Serum
By Raymond Nims, PhD, RMC Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc.
and Mark Plavsic, PhD, DVM, Genzyme Corporation
Products & Services
Versatile Image Analysis Systems
Syngene introduces the new PXi Touch range of high resolution, multi-application image analysis systems. The PXi Touch is available in three versions, with a 4, 6, or 8 million pixel camera, capable of accurately imaging chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, as well as 1-D and 2-D gels stained with any type of visible or fluorescent dye.

The PXi Touch is a compact, ready-to-use unit with a built-in touch screen and processor. The system’s touch screen is controlled by the intuitive GeneSys image acquisition and capture software, allowing it to automatically select the best imaging conditions. Each PXi Touch features a camera with a large fixed aperture lens, enabling the quick capture of even the faintest subjects without having to adjust the camera’s settings. PXi Touch quickly fits a number of interchangeable lighting and filter options.

For more information, please visit
New Sartoguard NF Prefilter Series
Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) has launched the Sartoguard NF prefilter series. These new prefilters feature a unique combination of high performance polyethersulfone (PES) membranes and highly innovative nanofleece technology. The nanofleece structure offers enhanced clarification capabilities, even for extremely fine contaminants, along with a high dirt-holding capacity, fast flow rates, and high total throughput performance.

Sartoguard NF prefilters are the ideal choice in challenging prefiltration applications for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Sartoguard NF prefilters offer ultrafine retention performance, which even ensures removal of extremely small particulate-based contaminants. All active filter materials are made of PES, thus ensuring a minimum extractable footprint and easy implementation into existing filtration processes utilizing final filters already based on PES.

Sartoguard NF filter elements are available in all common filter formats offered by Sartorius Stedim Biotech. For more information, please visit
Enhanced Recombinant Factor C (rFC) Assay
Hyglos announces EndoZyme®, a homogeneous fluorescence microplate assay using recombinant Factor C derived from horseshoe crab, for measuring endotoxin (lipopolysaccharides [LPS]) in pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical equipment.

Recombinant Factor C, the essential component of EndoZyme, is the endotoxin-specific principal receptor in the LAL enzyme cascade. In the assay, recombinant Factor C is activated by any endotoxin present in the sample, and enzymatically cleaves a synthetic substrate resulting in a fluorescence signal. EndoZyme offers improved sensitivity within a measurement range of 0.005 EU/mL to 50 EU/mL. Due to the endotoxin-specific recombinant technology, there can be no false-positive glucan reaction.

The assay does not include animal material, thereby eliminating any negative impact to the diminished horseshoe crab population. For more information, please visit
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  Career Development
BioDownstream Technologies Course 2013
April 15-19, 2013
Piran, Slovenia
WCBP 2013:
17th Symposium on the
Interface of Regulatory
and Analytical Sciences
for Biotechnology
Health Products
January 29-31, 2013
Washington, DC USA
5th Annual Biomanufacturing Summit 2013
January 28-30, 2013
San Diego, CA USA
2nd Workshop:
The New ParadIgM – IgM from Bench to Clinic
April 23-24, 2013
Frankfurt, Germany
23rd ESACT Meeting:
Better Cells
for Better Health
June 23-26, 2013
Lille, France
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