Thursday, November 1, 2012  |  Volume 4/Number 22  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal

Career Development
The 25th Annual and
International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology
November 27-30, 2012
Nagoya, Japan
Cell-Based Vaccine Production:
A Hands-on Approach

November 13-16, 2012
Microbial Fermentation: Development & Scale-Up
March 19-22, 2013
Both courses take place in:
Logan, Utah USA
Improved Estimation of Viable Cell Density Using Dielectric Spectroscopy
November 8, 2012
1:30 PM EST
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An artist’s illustration of eukaryotic cells transforming abnormally.

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Suggested Reading
Large-Scale Growth of Mouse P815 Cells Expressing a Bovine Non-Classical Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Protein Utilizing a Pitched-Blade Bioreactor
Christopher J. Davies, PhD, et al., School of Veterinary Medicine, Utah State University
Publisher's Commentary
The industry continues to adopt more single-use, and limited multi-use, components and systems for process development and production operations. In addition... read more
Products & Services
NEW Caspase Assay Kit
AnaSpec is pleased to introduce the newest member of the Caspase Kits series – the SensoLyte® 520 Generic Caspase Assay Kit. AnaSpec also offers a range of other apoptosis products including a suite of SensoLyte Caspase and Cytotoxicity Assay Kits, caspase and apoptosis related peptides, and antibodies, including zebrafish specific antibodies.
The SensoLyte 520 Generic Caspase Assay Kit is ideal for in situ detection of caspase activity in cells undergoing apoptosis using a fluorochrome inhibitor of caspase, FAM-VAD-FMK. This reagent is cell permeable and non-cytotoxic. When added to a population of cells, it enters cells and covalently binds to activated caspases-1, -3, -4, -5, -7, -8, and -9. Bound FAM-VAD-FMK is retained within the cell, while any unbound FAM-VAD-FMK diffuses out of the cells and is washed away. Signal in the cells containing the bound FAM-VAD-FMK can be evaluated with a fluorescence plate reader, fluorescence microscopy, or flow cytometry.

For more information, please visit
NEW Humidified Large Capacity CO2 Incubator
Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. introduces the SHEL LAB Model 2428H, the newest addition to its large capacity CO2 incubator line. This 27 cubic foot incubator features active humidity control up to 95%.

Compared to water pan humidity generation, the 2428H humidity system provides less evaporation of culture media and eliminates a potential source for contamination. The 2428H also has a heated glass door that minimizes condensation, another source for contamination. This triple-paned glass door allows easy viewing of samples without having to open the incubator door, so samples can thrive in the stable environment within the chamber. The incubator also features an antimicrobial copper drain.

The 2428H uses a gentle horizontal air flow heating system to obtain superior temperature uniformity and quick temperature recovery after door openings. This airflow system minimizes drying and disturbing sample conditions. The CO2 is accurately controlled with an IR sensor, providing overall CO2 and environmental stability.

For more information, please visit
Biomek 4000 Workstation Offers Adaptable, Intelligent Automation
The Biomek 4000 Laboratory Automation Workstation from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences incorporates easy-to-use, icon-driven software and an enhanced work surface with interchangeable tools. Modular deck configuration allows the work surface to be set up with eight standard positions, expandable to 12 positions.

New single and multichannel 1000 µL pipetting tools offer
higher throughput for assays using volumes greater than
200 µL and up to 1000 µL. Most pipetting functions are available through transfer and combine steps. Pipetting templates and liquid-type editors are standard in the software. An intuitive interface provides icons for liquid handling, labware movement, and control of external devices.
Method building is simple, and powerful editing features allow specialized and one-off applications to be readily addressed. Pre-written methods are available as add-ons and include PCR Reaction Setup. A template method for cell staining applications offers a great starting point for several cell-based workflows. These applications do not require programming capability and include on-site training and support.

For more information, please visit
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  Career Development
Sustainable Laboratories:
Choosing the Right Equipment
December 13-14, 2012
Bethesda, MD USA
Upstream Processing:
Principles and Processes
December 4-5, 2012
Dublin, Ireland
Innovations in 3D Cell Culture
November 8, 2012
12:00 PM EST
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