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Thursday, April 5, 2012  |  Volume 4/Number 7  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal

Career Development
Scalable Transient
Mammalian Expression
System Based on
BacMam Technology

Webinar: May 9, 2012
Presented By
Kempbio, Inc.
Microbial Contamination Control in Bioprocessing Operations
May 29-31, 2012
Introduction to Design of Experiments (DoE) for Bioprocess Analysis and Optimization
June 5-7, 2012
Both courses take place in:
Raleigh, North Carolina USA
Phacilitate Immunotherapy Leaders' Forum 2012
May 9-11, 2012
Barcelona, Spain
Techno-Blast Masthead
Mink Uterus
Endometrium Epithelial
Cells (GMMe)

Image provided by
Michael W. Davidson,
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, The Florida State University, Tallahassee.

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Suggested Reading
Best Practices for Optimization and Scale-Up of Microfiltration TFF Processes
By Bala Raghunath, PhD, Merck Millipore
Cellular Therapy: From the Research Laboratory to the Manufacturing Facility
By Linda Lemieux, written while at ViaCell, Inc.
From the Publisher

ISBioTech's 2nd Annual Meeting finished up yesterday. We had a wonderful crowd and the presentations were dynamic and insightful. We want to thank our sponsors and exhibitors for helping to make it a success. If you weren't able to attend this time, next year's plans are in the works. Stay tuned!
Our first annual Flexible Facilities & Systems has just commenced. Coming up after this morning's networking break is a talk from BPSA representative Jerold Martin (Pall Life Sciences) entitled: "Single-Use Technology – Establishing Best Practices, Standardization Efforts, and Managing Expectations."
A full wrap-up will be presented in upcoming issues of Techno-Blast.
Products & Services
Polyethylene (PE) Validated Hydrophobic Gas Sterilizing Filters
Drug development and production professionals needing to filter-
sterilize air or gas have a new cost-effective option to PVDF and PTFE membranes. Gamma stable, hydrophobic, sterilizing grade PE membrane capsules, developed by ZenPure meet the pharmaceutical industry’s validation requirements and FDA recommendations for sterilizing grade filters.

Zenpure's PE membrane capsules can be gamma sterilized as a system component connected to other single-use equipment including tube sets and bio-containers. ZenPure can customize membrane filters with many different inlet and outlet connection option to fit practically any system without changing the system design.
Learn more at
Email for a copy of their 2012 product catalog.
Transient Mammalian Protein Expression: 1 L to 100 L Scale
Kempbio, Inc. has 15 years of experience with the transient expression of recombinant proteins in suspension cultures of mammalian host cells at the 1 L to 100 L scale. Kempbio currently offers two platforms for large-scale transient expression, PEI-mediated transfection of plasmid DNA and BacMam mediated transduction. Both platforms utilize either HEK-293 or CHO-S cells as the host cell for expression and both systems are scalable from 1 L to 100 L and above.
PEI-mediated transfection has the advantage of being a highly developed system for larger scale transient transfection. BacMam is relatively new and combines the ability of baculovirus to amplify genes of interest and transduce mammalian cells with the strength of a mammalian promoter element. The use of BacMam as a transduction system for protein expression eliminates the need for plasmid production and purification thus streamlining the process and lowering costs.

For the best possible outsourcing experience, go to to to learn more.
CYTOCENTRIC Cell Incubation and Processing Systems
The Xvivo System from BioSpherix is the world’s first and only barrier isolator optimized for cells – an economical and practical alternative to cleanrooms for cGMP compliant production of human cells for clinical use. Features include: better process control – full time optimization of temperature, RH, CO2/pH, O2; more consistent phenotype; encloses any process and most third party equipment; better contamination control – closed protects cells from the people and the room; closed protects the people from cells; isolation protects sample 1 from sample 2; better quality control – PAT/QbD parametric release; PAT/QbD continuous process improvement; better pocketbook control – 10% of the total cost of operation/ownership – no brick-and-mortar risks – easy to reconfigure – easy to move. Scale-up your lab using the world’s most innovative equipment with unlimited flexibility!

More information can be found
  Career Development
Monolith Summer School
and Symposium

June 1-6, 2012
Ajdovščina, Portorož, Slovenia
Techniques In Animal Cell Culture & Scale-Up Strategies
April 17-20, 2012
Gene Expression &
Microarray Analysis

June 18-20, 2012
All courses take place in:
Logan, Utah USA
BPJ Publishing
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