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Thursday, December 01, 2011  |  Volume 3/Number 17  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
Career Development
Protein Purification
Tour 2011

On Demand Webcasts
Introduction to Design
of Experiments (DoE)
for Bioprocess Analysis
and Optimization

December 6–8, 2011
Raleigh, North Carolina USA
Microbial Contamination Control in Bioprocessing Operations
December 6–8, 2011
Raleigh, North Carolina USA
Determining the Impact
of New Therapeutic Approaches: Advancing Imaging in Animals

December 7, 2011
12:00 pm EST
Vaccine Development:
Where We Have Been
and Where We Are Going

December 13, 2011
11:00 am EST
Cell & Gene Therapy Forum
Washington Vaccine Forum
Protein Therapeutics Forum
Jan 30–Feb 1, 2012 Washington, DC USA
Suggested Reading
Optimizing Production of Cell Banks Using an Automated Cryovial Processor
By Stephen Guy et al., TAP Biosystems
Strategies for Outsourcing Peptide Contract Manufacturing
By Gary Hu, American Peptide
2nd Annual Meeting
3 Parallel Tracks:
Baculovirus Expression,
Viral Vectors & Vaccines
Antibodies & Recombinant Proteins
April 2–4, 2012
Rosslyn, Virginia USA

2 Parallel Tracks:
For Vaccines, Antibodies,
Baculovirus, Viral Vectors,
and Cellular Products
April 5–6, 2012
Rosslyn, Virginia USA
Sponsored Links
EMD Millipore Launches Mobius CellReady 200 L Single-Use Stirred Tank Bioreactor
EMD Millipore expanded the Mobius CellReady Bioreactor portfolio with the launch of a 200 L single-use stirred tank bioreactor for pilot- and clinical-scale mammalian cell culture.  The Mobius CellReady 200 L bioreactor integrates a number of innovative features that deliver ease of use, reliability and operational flexibility as compared with existing single-use systems.

The innovative Mobius SensorReady technology offers the ultimate flexibility to configure process monitoring at the point of use, reducing the need to customize bioreactor process containers and enabling easy integration of new sensor technologies. The unique rigid base and top panel design of the bioreactor process container enables simple, reliable, and robust installation – improving operator confidence in set up and routine operation.
The system is available as a complete, turn-key system or as a modular system to integrate with the platform of choice. For more information, please visit
Next-Generation Kinetex Calculator from Phenomenex
Customizes Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC Method Creation
Phenomenex Inc. introduces the next-generation Kinetex Calculator - an online tool that generates customized, optimized Kinetex methods for HPLC or UHPLC systems. With user input, which is entered online, the Calculator quickly produces an optimized method based on the customer's own running conditions.
The enhanced Calculator incorporates all six Kinetex phases, including the new phenyl-hexyl chemistry, and will calculate a new gradient program to account for differences in column dimensions and adjustments in running conditions. Customers may also now adjust parameters such as flow rate, column length, I.D., and backpressure and quickly see a revised, optimized method.

Along with the method, the online tool calculates the improvements the user can expect by switching to Kinetex core-shell technology columns. Predicted solvent, time, and total cost savings projected over 1,000 samples are provided. For more information, please visit
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Mink Uterus Endometrium Epithelial Cells (GMMe) were immunofluorescently labeled with primary anti-vimentin (an intermediate filament protein) mouse monoclonal antibodies followed by goat anti-mouse Fab fragments conjugated to Marina Blue. image provided by Michael W. Davidson, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory,
The Florida State University, Tallahassee.

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