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Thursday, November 17, 2011  |  Volume 3/Number 16  |  A Production of the BioProcessing Journal
Career Development
2nd Annual Meeting
3 Parallel Tracks:
Baculovirus Expression,
Viral Vectors & Vaccines,
Antibodies & Recombinant Proteins
April 2–4, 2012
Rosslyn, Virginia USA

FDA Warning Letter - Consent Decree
Software Validation

December 2, 2011
1:00 pm EST
Performing Investigations for Environmental Excursions
Webinar Recording
For Biologics &
Therapeutic Proteins
Vaccines, Antibodies, Baculovirus, Viral Vectors, Cellular Products
April 5–6, 2012
Rosslyn, Virginia USA
Introduction to Design
of Experiments (DoE)
for Bioprocess Analysis
and Optimization

December 6–8, 2011
Raleigh, North Carolina USA
Microbial Contamination Control in Bioprocessing Operations
December 6–8, 2011
Raleigh, North Carolina USA
Techno-Blast Masthead
African Green Monkey Kidney Fibroblast Cells (COS-1) Transformed with (SV40). Image provided by Michael W. Davidson, National High
Magnetic Field Laboratory
The Florida State University,

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Suggested Reading
Dendritic Cell Vaccine Production Facility: From Design to Operation
By Nicolas Taquet et al., written while at Baylor Institute for Immunology Research
Development and Validation of a Calcium Mobilization Assay
for the Detection of Neutralizing Antibodies to Alefacept in Human Serum
By Darshana Jani et al., Biogen Idec Inc.
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thermo scientific
Optima X Series Ultracentrifuges from Beckman Coulter
Offer Cutting-Edge Usability and Communication Features
New Optima X Series preparative ultracentrifuges from Beckman Coulter, Inc. are available in two models – the XE, which delivers all of the basic features required to quickly set up and complete a run, and the XPN, which includes all features of the XE plus networking capability, on-board simulation tools, and a variety of customizable security and tracking features. 

The large touch screen display on all Optima X Series products offers a selection of nine languages with on-screen help, and is easy to operate, even with gloved hands.  Real-time graphing plots speed and temperature over time as a run progresses.

The ultracentrifuges may be monitored from a personal computer or a smart phone.  Then should on-board diagnostics sense a problem, an alert can be emailed to the user, a feature that is exclusive to Beckman Coulter.  For more information, please visit

dna isolation kit
dna isolation kit
GE Healthcare Expands Biacore Histidine Capture Portfolio
with Launch of His Capture Kit and NTA Reagent Kit
GE Healthcare has launched the His Capture Kit and NTA Reagent Kit for time saving and convenient capture of histidine-tagged ligands using Biacore systems.

The new His Capture Kit is comprised of an optimized protocol and the required reagents for capture by an anti-histidine antibody. The kit requires minimum assay development and works in conjunction with a carboxyl-derivatized sensor chip (CM5, CM4, CM3, or CM1), Amine Coupling Kit, and running buffers.

The new NTA Reagent Kit is specifically designed in combination with the Sensor Chip NTA, which mediates capture of histidine-tagged proteins on nickel-chelated nitrilotriacetic (NTA) groups. The kit provides ready-to-use nickel ion and regeneration solutions for approximately 1200 injections. For more information, please visit
optek c8000
New UltraSlim-LED Safe Gel Transilluminator from Syngene
for Highly Sensitive Imaging of a Range of Fluorescent Dyes without Using UV
Syngene’s UltraSlim-LED blue light transilluminator uses LEDs to produce an Epi-blue light with a narrow emission peak centered at 470 nm. This is not only safer but is comparable to UV for the excitation of a wide range of fluorescently stained DNA/RNA gels.
The UltraSlim-LED system is compact and light enough to be used as a portable transilluminator on the bench. The transilluminator is also compatible with any Syngene gel documentation system, allowing users to produce high quality images for publication or analysis.

The transilluminator features a special built-in glass filter lid, providing optimum viewing conditions for band cutting. Additionally, since LED illumination is not as damaging to DNA as UV, even after long exposure times, scientists could improve the cloning efficiency of DNA fragments they extract from gels viewed on an UltraSlim-LED transilluminator. For more information, please visit
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