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Career Development
Viruses in Biologics:

Detection and Mitigation Strategies Workshop
December 1-3, 2010
Bethesda, Maryland USA

January 24-26, 2011
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Protein Expression
in Animal Cell
Conference (PEACe)

September 25-29, 2011
Cascais, Portugal

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SAFC has expanded its proprietary CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) platform to include off-the-shelf ZFNs to enhance targeted, heritable changes to genes and quicker development of more productive knock-in and knock-out cell lines. Offerings include animal component-free catalog ZFNs for use in CHO cells, as well as custom cell engineering services.

For more info on SAFC's
ZFN platform products, visit:, and for more on SAFC's Custom Cell Engineering Services, be sure to visit:

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Update – ISBioTech Annual Meeting (April 4-6, 2011)
Programs for the four parallel application tracks are almost complete, and several new sponsors and exhibits have been added. Plus a number of presentations on single-use components, systems and connectors are being organized into workshop sessions on Monday. A very strong session on cryopreservation will now complement the Antibody & Recombinant Protein track. In addition, the program will feature plenary sessions on Contaminant Detection & Prevention and Quality By Design. For more information, go to

BPJ Moves to Boston
Managing Editor Marci Brown and I have moved to Boston where we’ve relocated the BioProcessing Journal and our rapidly growing online publishing operation. We wanted to be closer to a major concentration of biotech companies, and we look forward to spending a lot more time visiting our journal authors and advertisers. In addition, we plan to expand our video programming capability, so we’re looking for the right opportunities to film interviews, product tutorials, and facility tours. So please contact the to help us set up site visits, meetings, and interviews; and note our new mailing address at PO Box 520549, Winthrop, Massachusetts 02152 USA.
Keith L. Carson, ChE, MBA – Publisher, BioProcessing Journal

Baculovirus Reference Material

Gene vector applications are now being developed that use baculovirus. And while essentially all of these applications are now in Europe, there is growing interest in developing them elsewhere. As a result, a working group has been formed to develop a baculovirus reference material. The group first met during an August workshop in Kuopio, Finland where they established a number of key parameters and guidelines.

Subsequent meetings will include a conference call on November 26, and then to follow, face-to-face meetings at the ISBioTech Annual Meeting in April 2011, and the 10th PEACe Conference in September 2011. Known for its work on the Ad5 and AAV2 reference materials, ISBioTech has been asked to help coordinate, facilitate, and mediate the group’s activities and decisions, plus host all documentation on its website.

Other applications of baculovirus technology could benefit from a reference material including VLP vaccines, AAV production, and a wide array of antigens for vaccines, in-process reagents, and high-throughput screening. For more information, contact Amine Kamen at or Keith Carson at

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Invetech and Argos Therapeutics have announced the delivery of custom-designed ArcelisTM cell therapy automation units to facilitate the manufacturing of Argos’ personalized RNA-loaded dendritic cell immunotherapies for cancer, HIV and other infectious diseases at commercial scale. An RNA processing unit isolates and amplifies antigen, and two units perform the various cellular and plasma processing steps to generate the immunotherapeutic product in functionally closed disposable vessels. A single production run can produce five years' worth of doses for patient treatment that can be frozen for later use.

Email Roger Langsdon at Invetech to learn more.

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Spectrum Labs has introduced the new KrosFlo® Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system, ideal for R&D scale microfiltration and ultrafiltration processing. The system consists of the KrosFlo Research IIi pump and pump head, with an integrated KrosFlo digital pressure monitor, KF Comm data collection software, disposable flowpath kit and fittings kit. The pump drive used in conjunction with the KrosFlo Research IIi pump head provides flow rates from 0.01 to 2300 mL/min. The system has both audible and visual low and high pressure alarms for the inlet and permeate and a high-pressure pump shutoff that helps maintain membrane integrity and achieve high product recovery.

Click here to contact Spectrum for additional product information.

Techno-Blast Masthead
Courtesy of Molecular Probes (image featured on the cover of BioProcessing Journal Summer 2006).
DESCRIPTION: 431 cells incubated with green fluorescent Alexa Fluor 488 transferrin. The cells were
then fixed and permeabilized. The transferrin receptors were indentified with an anti-transferrin receptor mouse IgG1 MAB and visualized with red fluorescent Alexa Fluor 555 goat anti-mouse IgG antibody. Yellow fluorescence indicates regions of co-localilzation. Nuclei were stained with DAPI.
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