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April 4-6, 2011

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Career Development
January 24-26, 2011
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Protein Expression
in Animal Cell
Conference (PEACe)

September 25-29, 2011
Cascais, Portugal
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2nd Annual
FDA Clinical Investigator Training Course

November 8-10, 2010
Silver Spring, Maryland

Risk-Based Control Strategies in Pharmaceutical

September 20-23, 2010
Brussels, Belgium

Masthead Image
Courtesy of
Molecular Probes, Inc.

FluoCells prepared slide #2 (F-14781) which shows bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells (BPAEC) that have been stained with an anti-beta-tubulin mouse mAb in conjunction with BODIPY FL goat anti-mouse IgG (B-2752) for labeling microtubules, Texas Red-X phalloidin (T-7471) for labeling F-actin and DAPI (D-1306, D-3571, D-21490) for labeling nuclei. This multiple-exposure image was acdquired using bandpass optical filter sets appropriate for DAPI, fluroscein and Texas Red dye.
(Nov/Dec 2003
BioProcessing Journal
cover image)
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Suggested Reading
By Lorely Milá Cáceres et al.,
Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CGEB),Havana, Cuba.
Corresponding author:
Dr. Roldolfo Valdés
, Head of the mAb Production Department.

Optimizing Clarification and Concentration Steps
Using an Automated Process System
and Design of Experiments (DoE)
By Timothy L. Bowen, PhD, New England Biolabs;
and Catherine Blake, Deborah R. Cohen, and Kieron Walsh, GE Healthcare.
Corresponding author:
Ms. Catherine Blake, Product Specialist – Filtration.

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The ISBioTech Annual Meeting program for April 2011 is already beginning to fill up. We’re working together with a number of technology experts to recruit the most relevant presentations and posters. Submit your abstract right away to content@isbiotech.org.

Three Days/Four Tracks:
Antibodies & Proteins - Baculovirus Expression - Cells & Tissues - Viral Vectors & Vaccines
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The Amaxa® Nucleofector® Technology, a non-viral transfection method for primary cells
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Fast - Different throughput, from one to 16 wells in 10 seconds
Easy - Novel technology for transfection of various cell numbers with same conditions
Future-proof - Modular system for upcoming transfection challenges
Flexible - Nucleofection of cells in adherence for functional assays at various cellular stages

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