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Tangential Flow Filtration Membranes for the
Washing of Escherichia

By Geraldine Eschbach
and Steve Vermant

Millipore Corporation,
Billerica, Mass. USA

Enhanced Growth and Productivity of Hybridoma
with Recombinant Human Albumin and Lactoferrin

By Steve Pettit, PhD;
Mary Ann Santos; Tanya Tanner; Ning Huang, PhD

InVitria, Fort Collins,
Colorado USA

Career Development
European Regulatory Affairs
- August 9-10, 2010 -

Downstream Processing of
Biotechnology Products

- September 14-17, 2010 -

Risk Evaluation and
Mitigation Strategy (REMS)
Public Meeting

- July 27-28, 2010 -

Webcast Auction
Lab & Pharm Equipment
- June 24, 2010 -

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Viral Reference Materials
The recently completed adeno-associated viral gene vector, type 2 (AAV2) reference material is being stored in the US at the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) in Manassas, Virginia, and at the facility for their European distribution partner in the United Kingdom, LGC Standards.

Both facilities will also be storing and distributing an AAV8 reference material that is now entering the characterization phase of its production.

And please note that you can access all of the viral reference material documentation on the ISBioTech website at Reference Materials.
ISBioTech Update

ISBioTech’s membership list is growing daily with highly experienced industry and academic professionals who are already making valuable contributions to our technology and application committees, plus providing critical input for our annual meeting. And fairly soon, we’ll be publishing a list of our 50 Founding Members on our website.
For the Annual Meeting in April 2011, the program is really coming together. We’ve established three parallel application tracks to cover viral, cellular, and protein products. And for each track, we’re recruiting talks to cover the latest process and analytical techniques, as well as the best practices needed to consistently manufacture the best quality biologics. Mark Plavsic from Genzyme is heading up the viral product track, and both Boro Dropulic from Lentigen and Harald Petry from AMT are working with Mark to develop the program. Then Phil Maples from Gradalis is leading the presentation recruitment effort for cellular vaccines and tissue regeneration, while Maureen Costello from Seraphim Life Sciences is building a fantastic program for the protein products track.  For the latest developments, and to submit an abstract, please go to our annual meeting page at

Then concerning ISBioTech’s key people, Marci Brown has recently assumed responsibility for membership services where she will make sure our members receive the best possible service and value. Victor Hicks – a 35 year industry veteran – has assumed advertising sales responsibility for the BioProcessing Journal and our Techno-Blast mass emails. In addition, Victor is helping us sell exhibit booths and sponsorships for our annual meeting which are filling up quickly. For our journal editorial staff, Zeynep Timmester has been added as an associate editor. She comes to us with daily newspaper and extensive technical translation experience, plus a beautiful British accent.

Finally, we’ve received requests to establish local ISBioTech chapters in Singapore, Bangalore India, the San Francisco area, and the western mountain states of the US, where the chapter will be headquartered in Logan, Utah. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be traveling to both Singapore and Bangalore in December.

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Vesivirus and Circovirus Detection Assays – In recent, well-documented contamination events, vesivirus and porcine circovirus have impacted biopharmaceutical production. It is conceivable that in the future, regulators may require evaluation of products, raw materials and facilities for these viruses. To assist companies in such evaluations, WuXi AppTec has developed cell-based (titer) and qPCR assays for vesivirus and qPCR assays for circovirus to be used in lot release, viral clearance and cleaning validation studies. Click here to contact WuXi AppTec for more information.

Product development and marketing agreement – The joint effort between New Brunswick and Pall Life Sciences will build on the capabilities of Pall’s Allegro single-use biocontainer platform and New Brunswick’s CelliGen® bioprocess controller, to better serve upstream applications ranging from the process development laboratory to the full-scale cGMP production suite.

This partnership combines the historic market strengths of the two companies in upstream biopharmaceutical processing, strengths that have been recently augmented by New Brunswick Scientific’s development of the CelliGen BLU single-use stirred-tank bioreactor, and Pall’s acquisition of MicroReactor Technologies and the Micro-24 microbioreactor.

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7th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity
Newly updated and available now. Improve your decision-making in biomanufacturing capacity, production, and performance with this essential reference tool.

With over 150 data graphs and tables with in-depth research on global biomanufacturers, you can find out how budgetary trends are impacting the economic environment today. This publication will allow you to effectively evaluate differences between US, Europe and ROW, as well as biomanufacturers and CMOs. You’ll also get analysis on how suppliers’ strategies are changing in today’s industry.

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DeCyder 2D 7.1 SPN Software is specifically designed to support 2-D DIGE for the characterization and quantitation of host cell proteins (HCPs). HCP profiling is a critical QA parameter associated with product safety during biopharmaceutical processing. The software package offers an antibody-independent procedure to enable direct comparisons of individual target protein/HCP profiles between samples taken from distinctly different steps of a process.

For technical details and ordering information, click here. You will be directed to GE Healthcare's Life Sciences electrophoresis products page.

New cation exchange resin for MAb and protein manufacturing processes – ProRes-S chromatography media from Millipore is a monodispersed polymethacrylate strong cation exchange resin. With an optimized bead size and pore structure, ProRes-S media offers superior resolution of closely related impurities such as fragments and aggregates.

Due to the rigidity of the bead, ProRes-S media can be packed to higher bed heights than traditional agarose beads, resulting in greater flow rates and capacity in a smaller footprint. What’s more, you can easily utilize your current capital equipment to deal with increasing upstream titers. Request your FREE ProRes-S Media sample today. Click here for full product information.

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