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Gene Expression &
Microarray Analysis

- June 22-24, 2010 -
Parallel Tracks-Barcelona: Vaccine Forum & Active Immunotherapeutics
- June 21-23, 2010 -
Live Webinar:
Life and Death In Vitro -
The Evolution of Techniques for Measuring Cell Growth
and Toxicity in Culture

- June 8 & June 10, 2010 -
Webcast Auction
Clinical Research & Bioanalysis Equipment
- May 27, 2010 -
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Help us continue a tradition of presenting the latest technological developments and best practices needed to develop and produce safe and effective biologics.

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Cell diversity in sensory ganglia - Courtesy of Dr. Gian-Luca Ferri, University of Cagliari, Italy.

(BPJ May/June 2003 cover).

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Suggested Reading
Cell Culture Bioreactor Optimization: Growing Recombinant HEK293 Cells to
Produce a G-Protein-Coupled Receptor (rGPCR) Membrane Protein
By K. Christopher Min* and Yan Jin, Columbia University, New York City, NY USA;
and Vikram Gossain†, New Brunswick Scientific, Edison, New Jersey USA
Contact Corresponding Authors: *regarding protein production, and †for bioreactor details
Monitoring Viable Cell Density in Bioreactors Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
By Robert Mattes‡ et al.
‡FOSS NIRSystems, Inc., Laurel, Maryland USA
Corresponding Author: Misa Sugui, MedImmune, Santa Clara, California USA
The Focus You've Wanted with the Network You've Needed

We are very excited to be launching this new society, and the timing couldn't be better. The biotech industry has weathered another very difficult period and conditions are showing signs of improvement. Especially with the approval of Dendreon’s cellular vaccine, a whole range of new products and technologies could become commercially viable.

ISBioTech allows us to provide the combined value and resources of our BioProcessing Journal and Techno-Blast mass emails with our extensive conference organizing experience. Plus it enables us to respond to the numerous requests we've received for a highly focused international society with the ability to support local chapters.

The International Society for BioProcess Technology was established to advance process and analytical techniques, plus make the latest bioprocess technology readily available to those developing and producing biopharmaceuticals worldwide. Click here to view the formal press release. Become a member today!

The society is dedicated to the scientists and engineers who have day-to-day responsibility for creating and managing scalable and reproducible processes, as well as the assays needed to insure indisputable quality. Through networking events and the society’s web-based resources, biotech professionals can access and share the techniques and best practices needed for safe, effective, and consistent products.

The first annual ISBioTech 3-day meeting will take place April 4-6, 2011. A preliminary program is being developed and speaker, exhibit, poster, and sponsorship details can be found on our website.

Keith L. Carson, Executive Director
Breaking News

May 27, 2010 – Norfolk, Virginia: The International Society for BioProcess Technology ( is pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor for the first ISBioTech meeting scheduled to take place April 4-6, 2011:

Pall Corporation has been partnering with customers for over 60 years helping them to solve their most critical and difficult fluid management challenges. (Click here for fact sheet.)
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A recording of last week's webinar: "Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis - Complementing DLS for More Complex Dispersions" is now available. For access to the recording, please click here.

You can also find links to access the webinar at For more information about NanoSight's NTA technology, please submit your enquiry either via the webinar interface or by contacting Dr. Bob Carr, NanoSight Founder and CTO.
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