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Vaccine Technology III
Call for Abstracts


Sterilization Procedures:
Technology, Equipment and Validation

Bioassays 2009:
Scientific Approaches & Regulatory Strategies


New Two-Day Conference


Jobs at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

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Saint Gobain

High-Performance Platinum-Cured
Silicone Tubing: The Next Generation


WEBCAST: How to Systematically Assess Raw Material Risk


Free Antibody Promotion





Authentication and Characterization of Animal Cell Lines:
The Impact on Research

By Yvonne A. Reid, PhD (, Collection/Research Scientist, Cell Biology Program; ATCC, Manassas, Virginia.

Applying Modern Design of Experiments to Mass Transfer Characterization in Bioreactors

By Priyal Sheth, associate bioprocess engineer; and Semsi Ensari, PhD, ( senior bioprocess engineer; Ambrx, Inc., La Jolla, California.

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A leader in single-use mixing, storage and
bioreactor technology, ATMI LifeSciences
doubles its manufacturing capacity:

With upgrades and modifications to its North American manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota, ATMI LifeSciences is responding to growing U.S. demand for disposable bioprocess vessels while doubling its worldwide production capacity. The site has added a Grade B clean room for fabricating complex three-dimensional storage, mixing and bioreactor vessels, and has created an on-site quality testing laboratory to analyze and manage sterility levels in the manufacturing environment. In addition, the company continues to manufacture bioprocess vessels at its facility in Belgium. The time-frame for shipping commercial products from the North American facility is expected to be in 2010.

Using fluoropolymer-based products and custom-engineered, flexible packaging solutions, ATMI LifeSciences is a leader in single-use mixing, storage, and bioreactor technology. The company’s fundamental knowledge of polymers, specially selected resins, and clean room manufacturing technology combine to produce the highest quality products for critical process operations. For more information, please visit or contact Jeff Craig, ATMI LifeSciences, Global Director, Life Sciences Marketing and Business Development at  

News from FDA

Public Advisory Committee Meeting Regarding the Potential Licensing of a Cell Therapy: October 9, 2009

Public Workshop On How To Do Better Cancer
Vaccine Clinical Trials: October 27, 2009

Two NEW Guidance Documents: Cancer Vaccines
and Pancreatic Islet Transplants
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